dimanche 13 septembre 2009

The Kooks @ Fete de L' Humanité Paris Sept 12th 2009

The Kooks @ éFete de L' Humanité
Parc de la Courneuve near Paris Sept 12th 2009

Hell on earth this place, it's far from Paris and the traffic is mad.
So we get there as The Kooks were playing their 3rd song , the site is packed , more than 50 000 people.
Patrice couldn't get into the photographers' pit , it was too late, so the bastard went straight on stage thanks to his contacts within the music-biz . Some teenage girls would kill their own mother just to be there.

Anyway The Kooks delivered a great set , they have lots of catchy song to sing to and the respons they get from the audience is overwhelming.

Great set by the boys

I've seen them a few times and they've always been good on stage.
For more details see setlist below


Next is Deep Purple , the band we came for...