vendredi 28 janvier 2011

Iron & Wine @ C'est Lenoir,Black session @ france Inter, Paris jan 31 2011 10:00PM

Iron & Wine @ C'est Lenoir, Black Session #323
Maison de la Radio, France Inter, Paris Jan 30 2011


Iron & Wine’s Sam Beam is playing this Black session for C'est Lenoir in the studio 105 of La Maison de la Radio near the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
Conditions are always perfect: sound is crystal clear and the 250 + people are all confortably seated in red sofas.
Iron & Wine has released a few records and its leader is here to promote the new one "Kiss each other clean" out on Jan 25.
He's playing the first 3 songs on his own on the acoustic guitar and he's then joined by his friends on piano, mandoline and backing vocals.
They are playing a mix of Folk-country-rock. Beautiful songs.
Very good hour set with one extra song on his own (not on the setlist)

Twin Shadow @ L'Album de la Semaine, Paris Jan 31 2010 8:00PM

Twin Shadow @ L'Album de la Semaine for Canal+
Paris, Jan 30 2011

Twin Shadow @ Canal+ to promote their album "Forget".
They've already played the Point Ephémere last october (Oct 29) so i don't know why the colourful , for his nice shirt, singer George Lewis Jr is saying that's their first gig in Paris.
They will play an already sold-out Nouveau Casino in a couple of days.
Very cool 80's pop new-wave. The kind of music we hated when we were kids but I have to say it was very enjoyable.
80's revival even for the clothes they're wearing, they do have a very sexy female keyboard player and the singer has a funny haircut and even more funny he's looking like the hidden child of Phil Lynott (from Thin Lizzy fame).

Then we rush to the Maison de la radio to see Folkie Iron & Wine

Angels & Airwaves @ Cigale, Paris Jan 30 2011

Angels & Airwaves @ Cigale
Paris Jan 30 2011

After being @ Oliver Peel session we went straight to the Cigale theatre in the red light district and we were just on time for the beginning of American band Angels & Airwaves.
I don't know if it is sold -out tonight but the pit is crammed and it's hard to find an empty seat at the balcony.
If you don't know this band it is the side project of that guy from Blink 182 so I expected a kind of new power -pop American Punk band and ... absolutely NOT.
First: It's the better than expected. Second : It sounds like a new power pop "Prog" band.
"Prog": Yes sir, like those old geezers of "YES", many atmospheric mid tempo songs and a few faster ones.
The singer has some funny stage moves and has a sens of humour as he introduced the drummer as the best one in the world and that " He (the drummer) shit on John Bonham's grave" Immediately saying that he was joking just in case someone missed the joke.

Songs tend to sound a bit the same in the end but cool show , very short set as they only played for 80 min with no Encore.


Thanks to Miss CK for the tickets xxx

Composer John Barry dead at 77, RIP

English composer John Barry just died of a heart attack at age 77
He composed the music for many James Bond movies, Midnight Cowboy with Dustin Hoffman and tv series including the very famous The Persuaders ( Amicalement Votre en francais)
He was also the first husband of English singer Jane Birkin

Jae + General Bye Bye @ Oliver Peel session, Jan 30 2011 5:00pm

Jae + General bye Bye @ Oliver Peel session #34
Paris Jan 30 2011
Jae (far left) & D'Artagnan is getting ready to rock (far right)

Part of the audience

General Bye Bye

Jae live @ Oliver on video soon

Rockers Kulture presents "The French Rockabilly Scene #2" @ Boule Noire, Paris Jan 28 2011

Megatones + Jezabel Rock + Hot Chicken + Easy LAzy "C" & his Silver Slippers

Rockabilly evening @ the tiny Boule Noire with french Band only.
We were there a bit late so we only saw the last 4 bands. There were probably 7-8 others before.
Each one of them was playing 3 songs except the last one who played 5-6 songs ending this Festival @ 11:00Pm sharp.
Many well dressed rockers and a few very beautiful girls all dressed up as well.
Lively atmosphere, good quality bands playing mostly covers maybe they should make an effort to sing a better English, sometimes it was laughable.
Very pleasant Rockab' Fest.

Hot Chicken

Easy LAzy "C" & his Silver Slippers

jeudi 27 janvier 2011

Sarah Rumer @ L'Album de la Semaine, Canal+ Paris Jan 28

Sarah Rumer @ L'Album de la Semaine, Canal+
Paris Jan 28 2011


English female singer Rumer is playing tonight @ L'Album de la Semaine for Canal+ with her band ( 7 musicians & 2 girls on backing vocals) to promote her debut album "Seasons of my soul".
I was a bit afraid after the first song which was very soft and I said to myself "Fuck Here's the new Norah Jones" Well one is enough , we don't need another she's so boring.
In fact No the second song is more up-tempo , Rumer is playing typical English 60's pop with a bit of soul & jazz, a modern version of PP Arnold, Liza Strike or Dionne Warwick before she turned into a disco queen.
He softer songs are a bit too soft for us but the rest sounds really great.
She ended her set with Smokey Robinson's " you really got a hold on me".

Thin Lizzy (Part 1) + Supersuckers @ Bataclan, Paris Jan 26 2011

Contact: irockinparis((@))yahoo((dot))fr

Thin Lizzy
+ Supersuckers @ Bataclan, Paris Jan 26 2011


The Boys are back in town with a "strange" line-up : from original band we have Scott Gorham on guitar, Brian Downey on drums & Darren Wharton on keys.
Plus Ricky Warwick on vocals & guitar from The Almighty, Marco Mendoza still on bass duties and Vivian Campbell from Def Leppard on guitar.

Opening band is Supersuckers for some fast & sleazy heavy Rock
Hey You ! Fuck Yaaaaaaaaa !!!
and... SuperFuck Yaaaaa !!!
This is Part 1

Full house tonight even though it's not sold-out, hard to find anyone under 30 years old tonight (and maybe 40).
Hard to believe it's the first Thin Lizzy gig in Paris since 1984 or 1985, at the time Phil Lynott was alive and they were touring for "Thunder & Lightning".
Can't really say that it's Thin Lizzy without Phil but we saw the reformed Thin Lizzy a few years ago @ London's Hammersmith Appolo and @ Shepherd's Bush Empire with John Sykes and they were GREAT .

Part 2 Here with more Pics, more Videos & complete setlist

Ricky Warwick taking vocal duties is not an obvious choice but we have to say he did a fantastic job, maybe he should shave that silly moustache.

Vivian Campbell is a great guitar player ( remember DIO) and for the first time in many many years he's playing lead guitar, he's not allowed to do so in Def Leppard.
Now he's playing in a band that is challenging for him.

The sound is Perfect and they have a good lightning with the famous Thin Lizzy logo in the back.

The setlist is amazing Thin Lizzy have so many great songs, they opened the set with "Are You ready" and then it was a Best Of setlist.

They've played songs from the whole catalogue of Thin Lizzy but John Sykes', funny to see that since he left ( or was given the sack) they don't play any songs from "Thunder & Lightning" or maybe was it just for this gig (?!?).

SETLIST in Part 2 with video of "Wild One" (scroll down ) & "The Boys are back in Town"
" Do anything you want to" + "Don't believe a word": (courtesy of Motley Mime)

More Guitars !!!

More videos : "Sha la la", "Emerald", "Cow Boy Song", "black Rose", "Massacre" : all top quality footage from the balcony (Thanks )