Friday, January 28, 2011

Rockers Kulture presents "The French Rockabilly Scene #2" @ Boule Noire, Paris Jan 28 2011

Megatones + Jezabel Rock + Hot Chicken + Easy LAzy "C" & his Silver Slippers

Rockabilly evening @ the tiny Boule Noire with french Band only.
We were there a bit late so we only saw the last 4 bands. There were probably 7-8 others before.
Each one of them was playing 3 songs except the last one who played 5-6 songs ending this Festival @ 11:00Pm sharp.
Many well dressed rockers and a few very beautiful girls all dressed up as well.
Lively atmosphere, good quality bands playing mostly covers maybe they should make an effort to sing a better English, sometimes it was laughable.
Very pleasant Rockab' Fest.

Hot Chicken

Easy LAzy "C" & his Silver Slippers