mercredi 22 juillet 2009

BB King @ Palais des Congres Paris July 22nd 2009

SEE YOU @ Rock en Seine in August
I'm off to the seaside for a month
Nice holidays to ya all

BB King
@ Palais des Congres
Paris july 22nd 2009

Lucille & BB arriving on stage

3 years , it's been 3 years since BB King last played Paris @ Zénith, tonight we are in the beautiful Palais des Congres and its confortable seats.
We never thought it would happened as he announced last year that he was stopping touring the world.
The band started playing 2 songs without him and BB was introduced , everybody rushed to the stage , he started giving out lots of plectrums to the audience and then started playing on Lucille , well that's not the original , all his guitars are called Lucille anyway.

Giving out plectrums ( left )

With BB , it's a "One man show" and a concert , some people might complain that's he's talking way to much between songs, always telling funny stories or mentionning his age :83 years old ( I don't know why old people are always proud of telling their age ).
He may be 83 years old but he's still kicking ass on the guitar , the sound of his guitar is clear and he still knows how to play it, unlike Chuck Berry who's playing is SO embarrassing.

wwAAaaOOooWwww !!!
BB is a real showman even though he's sitting on a chair for the whole gig.
Lots of hits: " thrill is gone" " everyday I have the blues" ( HERE on Video )... and famous covers including jazz song " When the saints" .
Cool 100 min gig , at the end of the set he shook hands once again with the audience giving out some more plectrums ( I have 3 ) , BB King pins and a necklace to a girl down the front.
He even signed some stuff ( see Pics ).
BB King You are the KING !!!

Funny faces

Who's knocking ?

I LOVE ya all

Shaking hands & signing stuff : ON stage

mardi 21 juillet 2009

Prince @ Olympia in Paris ?

There are strong rumours suggesting that PRINCE will play 3 shows at the Paris' Olympia theatre on July 24th , 25th & 26th.

NOTHING has been confirmed yet.

It seems that there are still issues regarding contracts and box office, maybe they should hurry as the first show is in 3 days !!! Fingers crossed.

It's a pain in the ass as I'm supposed to go on holidays on the 23rd. Should I stay or should I go ?

LATEST NEWS ( July 22nd )
Concerts in Paris are push back to the end of August or beginning of September.

Rumours are back :
Prince at the fashion week ???

Several shows in Paris in October ???

Vera Gogh , Kacey Johansing & PollyAnna @ Les Disquaires Paris July 20th 2009

Vera Gogh , Kacey Johansing & PollyAnna @ Les Disquaires
Paris July 20th 2009
Vera & Kacey

After playing in Caen and Metz , the girls from san Francisco are back in Paris to play a show in the Bastille area in Paris.
First on stage is 'La Sexy' Vera Gogh ( she can't help using this word all night long ) with the help of Kacey on keys.
Vera's a character : singing , playing guitar and acting ... and making jokes all at the same time ; Quite a performance , She's in high spirit ,French white wine is very helpful ;-)

Kacey & PollyAnna

Then it's Kacey Johansing 's turn to take the stage in front of a dedicated audience , most of them were already here for the Oliver Peel session on July 14th ( click on link for review , Pics & videos ).
Though she prefers singing with her band , Kacey has , one again , charmed us with her beautiful voice (which reminds me of Joni Mitchell) and her great songs.

Then French duet PollyAnna closed beautifully this evening of concerts , sorry if I'have missed most of their set as I was talking outside with the San Franciscan girls, Vera has always a funny story to tell well sort of ... Courage Honey and take care of yourself.

They will be playing @ Belushi's on Friday 24th &
will be the special guests of their friend Mariée Sioux @ Nouveau Casino on thursday 23rd.
The Dead Weather's posters & La Bastille

lundi 20 juillet 2009

It was 40 years ago ... Walking on the moon, Buzz Aldrin

Buzz Aldrin @ Grand Rex
April 2009

Buzz Aldrin was the second man to walk on the moon just after Neil Amstrong.

dimanche 19 juillet 2009

Paris on a sunday in July.

"Paris on a sunday in July"

Invalides ( left )

I went to see a friend in the 7e district , one of the most beautiful in Paris , unfortunately she wasn't there so I took this time to take a few pictures on my way home.
So nice to do some cycling in Paris on sunday , as I know Paris like my back-pocket I've avoided the crowded places , can you see anyone on the pictures ?
Some parts were like a dead town , cool. Someone probably shot down all these stupid tourists.

Eglise St Germain ( right )

I'm not that good at taking pictures of monuments as you can see, so i've used some effects to cover my weakness.
I'm more confortable at taking pics of rock musicians ;-) even though these monuments never moan about it.

Dome des Invalides ( right )

Eglise Ste Genevieve ( left )

vendredi 17 juillet 2009

Paul McCartney Live @ David Letterman' s Ed Sullivan Theatre rooftop

To watch the 5 songs gig from the marquee it's here:

'Get Back' ( not on the video)
'Sing The Changes' ( not on the video )

'Coming Up'
'Band On The Run'
'Let Me Roll It'
'Helter Skelter' (including 'Purple Haze')
'Back In The U.S.S.R.'

mercredi 15 juillet 2009

Kacey Johansing & Vera Gogh ( + Mariée Sioux ) @ Oliver Peel session # 10 Paris July 14th 2009

Kacey Johansin & Vera Gogh @ Oliver Peel session # 10
Somewhere in Paris July 14th 2009
+ Special guest Mariée Sioux
Today is a very special day Not only it is Bastille Day but it is also the last Oliver Peel session of the season before some well deserved Holidays.
San Francisco is in da house tonight with two great female Folk-rockers from the Bay area ( Home land of the Mighty Metallica ).
Once again the appartement is packed, the sun is shining , the wine is flowing and Cécile, our host, has made some great sandwiches & cakes.
The first " on stage" is the lovely Vera Gogh, with her blue dress and red lipstick she looks like a movie star escape from a 40's movie . She knows how to sing and knows how to act on and off stage too. Her friend Kacey ( who'll play later ) he's helping out on electric piano and backing vocals for most of the set.
Nice starter.
Kacey Johansing is next , great discovery just a couple of weeks after seeing Simone White at the very same place for the Peel session # 9 ( click for review & videos ).
She has a stunning voice and the songs are great.
She's got that " something" that makes her one step above the others.

For Bastille day , we have a special Encore as Kacey & Vera are coming back to play each one another song and Mariée Sioux who was here to see her friends is playing two songs to the delight of Oliver Peel. Mariée 's doing well in France and is on a french Label Fargo.
Nice way to close the season before the holidays.

"Les 3 graces " together
Once again NOT everybody could fit in

Kacey & Vera will play @ "Les Disquaires" 6 rue des Tallandiers near Bastille on July 20th @ 8:00PM and @ Belushi's Club, 68 Quai de la seine Paris 19th district on July 24th.
Don't miss them

Then we went to see the 120th anniversarry of the nearby Eiffel Tower.

The Eiffet tower on fire for the bastille day

Last show for me before the holidays will be BB King @ Palais des Congres on july 22rd.