mercredi 31 décembre 2008



What can we hope for 2009 ?

A Led Zeppelin world tour with Robert Plant ?
AC/DC to change their setlist every night ?
A new David Bowie cd and tour ?

Hope these dreams come true !!!

Well , the only thing i hope is that David Bowie won't be the next one after the sad passing of Delaney Bramlett , Freddy Hubbard & Bo Diddley in 2008.

Robert Plant honoured by the Queen

Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant has been honoured by The Queen in the New Year Honours List today (December 31).
Robert Plant becomes a CBE for services to music as part of the 966-strong list of honours.

And still no news of a Led Zeppelin reunion with ... or without Robert Plant , but shoud it be called Led Zeppelin ?

mardi 30 décembre 2008

Jazz trumpeter Freddie Hubbard dead at 70

Sad December , after Delaney Bramlett who died a few days ago now it's Freddie Hubbard .

LOS ANGELES – Freddie Hubbard, the Grammy-winning jazz musician whose style influenced a generation of trumpet players and who collaborated with such greats as Ornette Coleman, John Coltrane and Sonny Rollins, died Monday, a month after suffering a heart attack. He was 70.

Hubbard died at Sherman Oaks Hospital, said his manager, fellow trumpeter David Weiss of the New Jazz Composers Octet. He had been hospitalized since suffering the heart attack a day before Thanksgiving.

A towering figure in jazz circles, Hubbard played on hundreds of recordings in a career dating to 1958, the year he arrived in New York from his hometown Indianapolis, where he had studied at the Arthur Jordan Conservatory of Music and with the Indianapolis Symphony.

dimanche 28 décembre 2008

Coldplay @ Parc des Princes Sept 7th 2008

Well... the title says it all.
How can such an average band be so popular ?

Thank god in 2008 ( and 2009 ) we have AC/DC.

Delaney Bramlett dead at 69

Sad news i've just received this :

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Delaney Bramlett, the singer-songwriter-producer who penned classic rock songs such as "Let it Rain" and worked with musicians George Harrison and Eric Clapton, died Saturday. He was 69.

Bramlett died shortly before 5 a.m. at UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center in Los Angeles as a result of complications from gall-bladder surgery, his wife Susan Lanier-Bramlett said. Born in Mississippi, Bramlett enjoyed a career in the music business that spanned 50 years.

He is perhaps best known for standards such as "Superstar," co-written with Leon Russell, which was recorded by Usher, Luther Vandross, Bette Midler, The Carpenters and most recently, Sonic Youth, in a version featured on the Grammy-nominated soundtrack of the movie "Juno."

He co-wrote "Let it Rain" with British guitarist Clapton, who also recorded it, and "Never Ending Song of Love," which was recorded by more than 100 artists including Ray Charles, George Jones, Tammy Wynette, Patty Loveless and Dwight Yoakam.

Check his website for Biography and full discography :
and his myspace page to hear some music :

mercredi 24 décembre 2008

James Hunter @ Café de la Dance Paris Jan 8th 2009

JAMES HUNTER @ Café de la Danse
Paris France
Jan 8th 2009

In case you don't know him, here's a video here :

Some music here :

It may be my first show for 2009

Just checked our past review of James Hunter here :

Christopher Cross has played a private gig tonight ( monday 22nd ) @ Paris' Ciné Aqua near the Trocadero in front of 50 people unfortunately i couldn't go there ( had some family at home from abroad ) . The gig was sponsored by french Radio Nostalgie.

mardi 23 décembre 2008

Christopher Cross @ Cinéaqua Paris Déc 22nd 2008

Christopher Cross was in Paris to play a secret show @ Cinéaqua near the trocadero , gig sponsored by Radio Nostalgie.

Unfortunately i couldn't be there but i've found a few videos on the internet :

here's "Sailing" ( this is not my video ) :

vendredi 19 décembre 2008

Duffy + Jamie Lidell @ Bataclan Paris Dec 19th 2008

Contact :

+ Jamie Lidell @ Bataclan Paris Dec 19th 2008 , Virgin radio tour .

Other artists were supposed to play tonight and were announced at the very beginning but were cancelled later : Keziah Jones & Yael Naim .

Jamie doing the show

Of course the Bataclan is Sold- out , some people have payed ( 25 euros ) to be here tonight but as it's a radio show ( part of the show was broadcasted live on Virgin radio ) there are a lots of invits .
It's 70 % female audience , many think Jamie's cute but most of' 'em are here for Duffy who's very popular in France .
Early start , Jamie's on at 7:45 PM , He's a real showman always dancing, jumping, playing percussions and so on ... in the end it's getting on my nerves, he's doing a bit too much.
As long as he's playing his " Light" funk that's allright but when he starts doing the DJ on his own with his sample machine it's quite boring ( his last show at the Rock en Seine was like this and it was sooo bad ).
Nice hour gig but ...

Still doing it

Duffy 's next .
Her record is probably( one of ) the best selling this year.
I saw her for the first time just 9 months ago in February @ Canal+, tv show " l' Album de la semaine" in front of a 100 people and she was completely unknown.
It's amazing how fast singers can become famous .
Same happened with Amy Winehouse after seeing her at the very same tv show she was selling out huge venues a few months later.

Unfortunately for Duffy her music is far from being as exciting and she's far from having the charisma of Amy. She's like a nice polish version but without the " spark" that makes Amy so special .
At least she's sexy now , she has dropped her silly country girl dresses she used to wear a few months ago. Good point she's sexy but is still dressed like the girl's nextdoor . I like that .
She's more confortable on stage now than last time , she's walking the stage , but she should let it go a bit more .
The show is nice but way too nice , it's like going to a Razorlight or a Stereophonics concert : everything is too perfect , its good but there's no excitement at all.
Enjoyable though but too short less than 1 hour with no encore
Come on Duffy i'm sure you can do better .


That was my last gig for 2008 ( the 208th ).

Pete Doherty is playing the Bataclan on March 9th 2009.

Los Campesinos ! + Sky Larkin + Lovvers + Archwoodman @ Maroquinerie Dec 18th 2008 ( Inrocks indie club " Wichita" )

Los Campesinos ! + Sky Larkin + Lovvers + Archwoodman @ Maroquinerie for the Wichita Inrocks Indie Club. Paris dec 18th 2008.

review tomorrow morning

The bill

french band Archwoodman

Sky Larkin

Los Campesinos !


jeudi 18 décembre 2008

Bob Dylan @ Palais des Congres Paris 2009

Bob Dylan will play @ Palais des Congres in Paris on Avril 7th and 8th 2009
Tickets are already on sale and once again it's expensive up to 90 euros .
The Palais des Congres has a capacity of 2500 people .

AC/DC 's concert @ Stade de France in Paris on June 12th is SOLD OUT
Hope they will add a second one.

Morrissey is playing The Grand Rex beginning of June.
Tickets already on sale.

Carbon/Silicon + Laetitia Sheriff @ Trabendo Paris Dec 17th 2008

Carbon/Silicon @ Trabendo Dec 17th 2008 with french opening artist Laetitia Sheriff.
Here's the review at last :
Crosswords before the show ( left ) Laetitia Sheriff ( right )

Laetitia Sheriff opened the show tonight on her own with a guitar to play a " minimalist" dark pop-rock-folk.
Strange how all these french girls are playing that kind of music . Last time i was at the Trabendo another french girl ( Marie - Flore )opened for Isobell Campbell & Mark Lanegan, playing a similar music. They're young and beautiful and living in Paris there should be a " Joie de vivre " in their music but no that's the opposite , they look ( or sound ) like they wanna commit suicide. Doesn't mean it wasn't good but where's the " Joie de vivre " ?
Difficult to open for a Punk band but she did very good ( well she wasn't booed off stage ) even tough her music is too " minimalist" for me.
People welcomed her nicely.
Here's a video here :
These boots are made for playing ...
Mick Jones & Tony James

First concert in Paris for Carbon/Silicon, far from being full here tonight and many people are on the guest list ( including myself i have to admit )Shame it's not sold out when a Clash is in town but i've heard their new cd and i can't really say that I liked it , Songs are lame .
Had my fear about the show.
They were both in Paris last month to promote the album and these guys are really nice and funny so at least i was expecting some funny moments.
Some songs might be a bit too long but live they sound good , Mick Jones is a character always ready for a laugh. the band seem very happy to be with us and the audience seem very happy to be with them.
Nice 80 min of rock' n roll in a very relax atmosphere they both entered the stage with a bottle in hand. Tony James told us that the last time he played in Paris was 20 years ago at the famous Gibus Club with Johnny Thunders.
They don't really look like punks anymore , these days are long gone, but more like Dandies ( for Mick ) or Bankers ( for Tony ).
Sad they only played songs from their cds maybe a couple of covers ( not necessarilly Clash's ) could have been nice.
Mick picked someone up from the audience to come and sing with him for the last song ( another lad sneaked in too )
Enjoyable evening.

Mick & Leo " Eezykill " Williams on bass

Mick and Tony went to meet the audience after the show and signed many autographs to fans , they were nice and chatty to everyone and pose for pictures .

Setlist + Mick signing stuff backstage

Here's a video " reasons to believe ":

mardi 16 décembre 2008

The ( International ) Noise Conspiracy @ Maroquinerie Paris Dec 16th 2008

The (International) Noise Conspiracy , Live @ the Maroquinerie Dec 16th 2008
Far from being full tonight ( many people went to see Gogol Bordello @ Bataclan ) , it's a shame .

The singer's a real entertainer

I just saw the last song of the french heavy rock who was opening tonight , hard to judge in 3 min but they sounded promising . I'll try to find out who they were.

Kids wanna ROCK

First time i was seeing The ( International ) Noise Conspiracy Live and i wasn't disappointed , i like their kick ass rock ' n roll. They' re 60's influenced , with a keyboard ( organ ) to nice effects even though i couldn't really hear it as i was standing in front of the guitar player.
These guys have to jump around all the time and are giving it all on stage.
A nice change after seeing all those indie english bands who are looking at their shoes while playing.
These guys FUCKING ROCK !!! No time to breath for 90 min.
Very good show.


Don't forget Carbon/Silicon ( with former CLASH guitar player : MICK JONES ) are playing the Trabendo tomorrow.
See Ya there

lundi 15 décembre 2008

GUNS N ROSES to play Paris Bercy summer 2009

The new GUNS N ROSES ( Axl & Co ) are ready to go on tour in Europe this summer to promote long awaited and finally released last november "Chinese democracy" .
They should play in Paris Bercy.

In the US " Chinese democracy " is far from being a success.
After entering charts at N° 3 it has dropped to N° 18 for its second week in the charts.

vendredi 12 décembre 2008

AC/DC Black Ice European Tour 2009

13 May 2009 Leipzig
DE Zentralstadium Coming Soon COMING SOON

15 May 2009
DE Olympic Stadium Coming Soon COMING SOON

17 May 2009
DE Veltins Arena Coming Soon COMING SOON

19 May 2009
DE Stadion Coming Soon COMING SOON

22 May 2009
DE Formula 1 Racing Track Coming Soon COMING SOON

24 May 2009
AT Ernst-Happel Stadium Coming Soon COMING SOON

12 Jun 2009
FR Stadt de France Coming Soon COMING SOON

15 Jun 2009
NO Valle Hovin Coming Soon COMING SOON

17 Jun 2009
FI Olympic Stadium Coming Soon COMING SOON

19 Jun 2009
DK Parken Coming Soon COMING SOON

21 Jun 2009
SE Ullevi Stadium Coming Soon COMING SOON

23 Jun 2009
NL Amsterdam Arena Coming Soon COMING SOON

26 Jun 2009
GB Wembley Stadium Coming Soon COMING SOON

28 Jun 2009
IE Punchestown Racetrack Coming Soon COMING SOON

30 Jun 2009
GB Hampden Park Coming Soon COMING SOON