Friday, December 5, 2008

Kool & The Gang @ Olympia Dec 4th 2008

Kool & the Gang are Fresh again with a campaign organised by american washing powder maker Procter & Gamble.
You could find the brand new cd of Kool & the Gang " Still cool " when buying a pack of washing powder ( that i won't name )
As you can see on the picture of the Olympia marquee the name of the Washing Powder brand is written BIGGER than the name of this 70's Funk band.

Anyway it was a real success commercially.
Now enough of business bullshit and let's talk about music, they're still making music , aren't they ?
Well first i have to say that it was a nightmare to get in , as they've decided to let a couple of hundred people in every 10 min , just to make it look so cool on tv : " Look at all the massive crowd in front of the Olympia ! Yeah man ! They 're BACK ! "
Nice lesson of how to make an event out of NOTHING .
They're doing exactely the same in trendy club , so don't be fooled next time you're walking in front of a club with a massive queue. You think WOW there's so many people outside , this club must be so cool . NOT

Nice opening with " fresh ", very groovy. Many people on stage a dozen all dressed in white ( It's better when you take pictures ) . I won't be able to tell you who are the original members , not the singers they're too young , maybe the horn section and bass player . The audience is dancing along the music as long as Kool & the Gang is playing old hits . New songs are welcomed by an embarrassing silence , i can understand that the new cd is complete crap.
Platinum ceremony

Of course the show is interrupted in the middle , just for P&G to remind you who is the boss here tonight , Hoops sorry they were given a platinum award for sales of more than 100 000 records , Hoops sorry again ! not records : Packs of washing powder ...
Can't fucking believe it !

one of the two singers working the audience

Show went on without any problem in a cool atmosphere a bit of Jazz , a tribute to godfather James Brown some singalong ... and their hits at the end .
A few thank (fuck ) you's to Procter & Strangle from the band...
Very groovy show as long as they're playing the hits but too many average songs in the middle section. And of course too much pollution by sponsors .

Kool & the Gang loosing completely their credibility ( if they still had one )
to a fucking washing powder

Didn't bother to go at the aftershow cocktail party at the upstairs bar as there's too many people queueing for it .
Nice to be home before midnight.

"Ladies night" :

From what i've been told today , the organisation of the show was so bad that people , after waiting for 2 hours to get in , couln't see the concert as P&G printed too many tickets for the capacity of the Olympia. So many were left out .
Too bad , i was at the mezzanine and when the show started there were many empty seats on both sides.