dimanche 28 février 2010

Rose Mellberg + Sophie ramsay @ Oliver Peel session #18 Paris Feb 27th 2010

Rose Melberg ( & Kellarissa ) + Sophie Ramsay
@ Oliver Peel Session #18 Paris Feb 27th 2010
Saturday's night all right for ... folking @ Oliver (& Cécile) Peel's place once again.
Lots of familiar faces in this private appartment for the session #18.(click for many more Pics)

First to play is Scottish girl Sophie Ramsay, who's the last minute addition do this Folk bill.
First song a cappella in Gaelic, a first here then 3-4 very soft folk songs.
Probably one of the "quietest" artist that Oliver ever had.

Headlining tonight, before playing the Pop'In tomorrow @ 9:00PM, is a American singer-songwritter from Sacramento ( currently living in Canada (?) ) Rose Melberg, with a little help from her friend Kellarissa on vocals on all songs.
The headlining act is also playing very soft folk songs with beautiful harmony vocals.

Cécile licking the Cat's butt !?! & Marie Claire approving

Very quiet & refreshing saturday , the place wasn't crammed, nice food courtesy of Cécile in a cool & relax atmosphere.

Some members of the audience & Sophie Ramsay

Thanks to Amazingbands for the videos

samedi 27 février 2010

SLASH's new single " By the sword" in streaming here

Wanna hear SLASH's new single " By the sword" featuring Andrew Stockdale ( WolfMother) ?

well it's HERE

vendredi 26 février 2010

jeudi 25 février 2010

Them Crooked Vultures @ Zénith in Paris June 08th 2010

Them Crooked Vultures @ Zénith in Paris on June 8th 2010

Box office will open on Feb 27th

TCV live @ Canal+ ( click for live video)
TCV Live video from whole show in Koln, Germany ( click to watch)

Aerosmith European Tour dates 2010 "Cocked, Loaded And Ready To Rock Tour"

These mother fuckers are back !!!

Aerosmith's "Cocked, Loaded And Ready To Rock Tour" 2010

Jun. 10 - Sweden - Sweden Rock Festival
Jun. 13 - UK - Download Festival
Jun. 15 - UK - London 02 Arena
Jun. 18 - Romania - Bucharest
Jun. 20 - Greece - Athens Olympic Stadium
Jun. 23 - Holland - Nijmegen Goeffert Park
Jun. 25 - Belgium - Graspop Metal Meeting
Jun. 27 - Spain - Barcelona St Jordi Arena
Jun. 29 - France - Paris Bercy Arena
Jul. 01 - Czech Republic - Prague 02 Arena
Jul. 03 - Italy - Venice Festival

Scorpions' " Sting in the Tail" audio samples available

Wanna hear audio samples of Scorpions' new record ?

Hellfest 2010 Summer fest, all bands...

Hellfest 2010

That's it all bands are officially announced

mardi 23 février 2010

KISS to play club show in London on March 2nd 2010

KISS will perform at the 800-capacity O2 Academy Islington club in London, England on Tuesday, March 2.

Tickets for this special event will go on sale at noon (GMT) on Wednesday, February 24 and you may get them ONLY from this location.

You must use the promo code "sonic."

I was living 5 min walk from this club a few years ago, it's incredible how the neighborhood has changed over the last few years.

MGMT club show @ Paris' Trabendo on March 23rd 2010

MGMT will play a club show @ Trabendo ( 500 capacity ) in Paris on March 23rd.
Guess what ?
It's not a private show, tickets are on sale this Wednesday.

Rockerparis won't be there , MGMT really sucks

White Rabbits @ L' Album de la Semaine Paris Feb 23rd 2010

White Rabbits @ L' Album de la Semaine, Canal+
Paris Feb 23rd 2010


Another indie rock band , this time based in Brooklyn, NY, & another band in which musicians are switching of instruments. Nothing new.
I mean all these bands are quite enjoyable, White Rabbits have an additional guy on percussions to give extra rythm power unfortunately what is missing is A song, nothing comes out in particular , thye miss melodies for the songs or a hook for the chorus.
So enjoyable but there's something missing.

There was a recording of Arte tv show " One shot not" as usual those bastards don't want to give the names of the artists ( Jamie Cullum among many others tonight ).
There's another recording tomorrow night

Le Loup @ Black session , C'est Lenoir Paris Feb 22nd 2010

Contact: irockinparis [@)yahoo(dot)fr

Le Loup @ Black Session #311, C'est Lenoir
France Inter radio @ Maison de la Radio, Paris Feb 22nd 2010

After watching Field Music confortably seated in the red sofas of the studios 105 with 250 other fellows. We need a small break, technicians need to change the set for Le Loup which is the second bnad to play tonight , this time LIVE on France Inter radio.
Completely different style , this time their music is closer to what Vampire Weekend can do with less African influences but much more dance.
They have a funny little singer whose acting on stage a bit like Tom Yorke ( moving a lot) & singing like Perry Farrell ( with lots of effects on the voice ).
Musically not really my cup of tea

Make your own opinion with this video ( not representative of their repertoire):

Patrice couldn't take any pics but I managed to record this

setlist & bus stop commercial with Muse

Field Music @ Black Session #311 C'est Lenoir Paris Feb 22nd 2010 8:00 PM

Field Music @ Black Session #311 C'est Lenoir.
Maison de la Radio, France Inter, Paris Feb 22nd 2010
Tonight is a special night for the Black session as there are two recordings.
First one is @ 8:15 PM with Field Music ( it will be broadcasted next week ) and second one is live on France Inter radio with Le Loup @ 10:00 PM as usual.
OK let's start with Field Music, they are an English band formed in 2004 they have split and then reformed recently , they have a third album out called " Field Music (measure)".
They are classified as an indie rock band but after hearing this black session, iI can tell you that they sound like a young prog. band with some jazz influence though not obvious, the musicianship is high, they'de better be good musicians as the songs are deconstructed with several breaks and rythm changes.
The drummer is also singing and playing guitar, the keyboard player is singing and also playing drums.
Interesting gig
Check them @ Point Ephémere in Paris on April 20th.
Once again it's more and more difficult to take Pics @ Black session, Don't know why ? these bands are for most of them completely unknown, don't they need publicity ?

Bassist & Guitarist + setlist

vendredi 19 février 2010

Chokebore @ Maroquinerie Paris Feb 19th 2010

Chokebore @ Maroquinerie, Paris
Feb 19th 2010
Two months after playing a secret -private acoustic show for an Oliver Peel session ( click for review, setlist, pics & video) in Paris, Troy Von Balthazar is back but this time with the reform CHOKEBORE.
Strangely enough , I knew who was Troy but I've never heard of Chokebore before and i've never listen to the band before tonight.
I've been told they opened for Nirvana a few years ago and Kurt siad in the press that it was one of his favorite band so they've been called 'grunge' but this Hawaian band is more indie rock.

In fact their music is closer to Pearl Jam with on one hand some heavy tunes and on the other hand some relax but dark tunes
The Maroquinerie is Sold-out and down the front Frenchies know the lyrics inside out, the atmosphere is relax even though at the end there was a bit of crowdsurfing for the heavier songs.
Cool 80 min+ set , setlist may not be accurate and missing one song as Troy took requests for the encore.
Marguerite & Baby tshirt, SETLIST ( not complete)
Unreleased song (? ):

Bon Scott, 30 years ago...

It's been 30 years today.
AC/DC's first singer Bon Scott died in a car in London.

Live in Cleveland '79 ( unreleased officially)

jeudi 18 février 2010

The XX @ Fnac Forum Feb 18th 2010

The XX showcase @ Fnac forum
Paris Feb 18th 2010
Before playing tonight a sold-out @ La Cigale, the talk of the town THE XX are playing a showcase at the Fnac Forum store @ 5:30 PM.
You could get invit from the store a couple of weeks ago on a "first come first serve basis".
Fans are coming quite late but the place is packed ( 300+ people).
All the medias are talking about this band, they've already played in Paris a few times including a first show at Point Ephemere in Oct 2009 (Correction: The first show in Paris was @ Social Club on July 1st 2009 ), they were completely unknown 6 months ago and now their shows are sold-out.
Hard to believe they're so popular considering the music they're playing.
I never heard them before and many friends told me The XX were just great.
Should I trust them ? I guess NOT, It's so lame , You know that here @ Rockerparis we love wild guitars, well... it's not really a guitar band and the minimalism of the music doesn't talk to us at all.
Sorry for the pics once again, it seems that @ Fnac they want bands to play in complete darkness.
I'll try to post a video later


We went yesterday @ Fnac St Lazare to see Micky Green playing a 40 min showcase.
She's gorgeous ( she's a former model) but the music is crap.
He record Cie refused that we take Pics during her set, what a bunch of cunts !