samedi 29 septembre 2012

The Kills' book signing @ Marck Jacobs' Bookmarc Paris, Sept 28 2012

 The Kills'  book signing @ Marck Jacobs' Bookmark Paris, Sept 28 201
The Kills  IS the Trendy rock band so when they are signing a book it is NOT at a Rock store but @ Marc Jacobs' book store Bookmarc in the very posh Place du Marché St Honoré in center Paris.
The shop is very small and there's a long queue of fans dressed up for the occasion. The atmosphere is very relax thanks to the staff and Alison, Jamie Hince and photographer Kenneth Cappello are nice to everyone signing and posing for pictures.
I've been told that if you're going to the store these next few days there are still signed books to buy, in limited quantities.

The Kills opening for the mighty METALLICA @ Stade de France in May 2012
@ Olympia in Nov 2011, @ Bataclan in April 2011
@ Rock en Seine Festival in August 2011, @ Fnac Forum April 2011
@ Bataclan in 2008

jeudi 27 septembre 2012

Archive showcase & signing session @ Fnac Montparnasse, Paris , Sept 28 2012 1:00 pm

Archive showcase & signing session @ Fnac Montparnasse, Paris , Sept 28 2012 1:00 pm


50 min+ set (11 songs) with Prog rockers ARCHIVE for a free showcase @ Fnac Store in Montparnasse. It's lunch time and the place is packed with dedicated fans. Sometimes when you hear a band playing on acoustic the music or the songs can really sound different, not really the case with ARCHIVE, you can still feel their "epic" sound.The musicianship is perfect including the vocals, they do have a new girl who's voice is sounding amazing and she's very cute too.
We might not be great fan of this band but they've performed a very enjoyable set.
Unfortunately as the band had to go to do radio shows afterwards, so they say, they couldn't sign anything to fans. Strangely enough one of the guys was still hanging out there half an hour after the end of the show.

mercredi 26 septembre 2012

Bobby Womack @ L'Album de la Semaine, Paris, Sept 27 2012

Bobby Womack @ L'Album de la Semaine, Paris, Sept 27 2012

Legendary Bobby Womack is promoting his new album "Bravest man" in France by playing famous Canal+ Tv Show L'Album de la Semaine.
First on stage are the 5 musicians , while they are playing an instrumental that will give the tone of the whole set: a very soft song with a drum machine, some laid back piano and very little bass, percussion & keyboards, Bobby Womack is sitting down next to the audience watching his own band performing.
Then a minder is escorting him very carefully to his stool on the stage, Bobby is looking very frail and wearing big sunglasses as a blind man.
The first song he's singing is an old one from his youth "deep River" he's on acoustic guitar for this one.We're getting new songs tonight arranged by Damon Albarn who's clearly the MC for the set.
It's not Bobby's usual soul stuff.
Songs are very soft with a touch of Drum machine à la "drum & bass" some piano and of course Bobby's voice that is neat.
It looks like Damon's NOT satisfied with something so he's asking to play the songs once again to our delight and Bobby's singing them this time with more conviction.
We have mixed feelings as the new album is more "electro" than soul so it's not really what we were expecting.
Nevertheless we know that we attended something special as it's not everyday that you can see a show by such a legend in such intimate conditions.

lundi 24 septembre 2012

Iggy Pop & The Stooges @ Casino de Paris, Paris Sept 25 2012

Contact: Irockinparis((@))Yahoo((dot))fr

Iggy Pop & The Stooges @ Casino de Paris, Paris Sept 25 2012

Iggy & The Stooges are back in Paris after playing The Olympia Theatre on July 07 2010, this time it's a corporate show for a French beer and everyone is invited: competition winners standing up downstairs and guests & VIPs at the balcony. Impossible to attend a Stooges concert without headbanging down the front.
There was a press conference a couple of hours before the show (we didn't go).
The show started at 9:00PM with the best possible way "Raw Power" the first words of Iggy being "Fuck You" & "search & destroy" here on video below. Unfortunately Scott Asheton is NOT on Drums, can't remember the name of the new drummer but he already played with Iggy in the 90's.The rest of the line-up is unchanged but Can we call this The Stooges without The Asheton Brothers ?!?

Iggy is limping more than ever but is acting as wild as ever jumping into the audience several times as usual he's getting a dozen fans on stage at the beginning of the show including our own photographer Guino Patrice who took it cool and took some nice pics from James, Mike, Steve and the new drummer (pics above).It's not the first time than the bastard is getting on stage with The Stooges , he made it too @ Fête de l'Humanité in 2007. The setlist is perfect with all the hits and some Iggy/ Williamson songs , they're even playing "The passenger" & "Louie Louie" from Iggy solo career which tends to prove that it's more Iggy & than a proper Stooges gig.
Can't complain as we had 70 min of pure madness...
  1. Raw Power
  2. Search and Destroy
  3. Gimme Danger
  4. Shake Appeal
  5. 1970
  6. Fun House
  7. Night Theme
  8. Beyond the Law
  9. I Got a Right
  10. I Wanna Be Your Dog
  11. Open Up and Bleed
  12. Penetration
  13. No fun
  14. The passenger
  15. Cock in my Pocket
  16. Louie Louie

dimanche 23 septembre 2012

John Spencer Blues Explosion @ L'Album de la Semaine, Paris Sept 24 2012

The John Spencer Blues Explosion @ L'Album de la Semaine, Paris Sept 24 2012

After playing many shows with Heavy Trash, John Spencer is promoting a new Blues Explosion album "Meat + Bone". As usual at the Album de la Semaine conditions are perfect for the 120 people  to attend the gig.
Stage is simple Russell Simins on his small drum kit dead center with Judah Bauer on the left & John Spencer on the right and a few amps behind them.
You can see who's the "star" in the band as John Spencer is wearing some leather pants , make-up and had his hair done.
The music hasn't changed it's a mix of bluesy-garage -rock , the new songs are less deconstructed than before but if you're not familiar with the band it's hard to get into it straight away.
The end of the 50 min+ set is epic with John Spencer inviting everyone on the stage for the finale after going a couple of times himself in the stalls to shake a few hands with the audience.

Bobby Womack will play the very same place on Sept 27 and next will be French band Mass Hysteria.

samedi 22 septembre 2012

Led Zeppelin Press Conference, London Sept 21 2012

Led Zeppelin Press Conference, London Sept 21 2012 

 Led Zeppelin did a press conference @ the Posh Northumberland Avenue Hotel in Charing Cross, London.
Here's the whole video from the event with John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page & Robert Plant.

mardi 18 septembre 2012

The Cult + Gun @ Bataclan , Paris Sept 19 2012

The Cult + Gun @ Bataclan , Paris Sept 19 2012

3 Years after playing the very same Bataclan theatre (on Oct 2nd 2009), The Cult are back in the French Capital to promote their brand new album.
It's far from being full, I guess we can blame the silly prices, 75 euros for the best seat at the balcony, Who the Fuck is gonna pay 75 euros for The Cult ?!?

is opening, they're already on stage when we're getting into the Bataclan and it's not even 7:00 PM. Jesus that's an early start. They are all-right.

Afetr a long intermission The Cult are getting on stage @ 8:30 PM sharp, too bad it's forbidden to take pictures the lightning is nice specially on Billy Duffy & Ian Astbury with some cool paintings on the backdrop.
Ian is looking much better than 3 years ago, better voice too, he's in good spirit repeating many times how much he loves Paris and chatting with the audience: "Hey man, are you texting on your mobile when you're having sex with your wife?" always with a smile on his face.
WoW !!! He's not insulting people tonight: big changes from last time.
Billy on the right is as cool as fuck, ever should I say, with some neat guitar playing.
The Cult has great songs, needless to tell you, they've rocked the Bataclan.
Doesn't need that much to get an enjoyable gig: great songs and Mr Astbury in fine form.
Maybe he shouldn't blame the strict curfew for only playing 80 min including The Encore, you don't fool no one.
see setlist for details (below)

Merchandising & setlist

MUSE to play at Olympia in Paris On Oct 02 20012

MUSE to play at Olympia theatre in Paris on Oct 02 20012

(c) Photographer: Tom Kirk

La mise en vente des billets se fera en 2 étapes.

La première mise en vente se fera mardi 25 septembre à partir de 10 heures sur L'achat des billets sera limité à 2 par transaction. Les billets seront nominatifs, il vous sera donc demandé de fournir 1 nom par billet (pas seulement 1 nom par achat). Vous pouvez dès maintenant vous créer un compte sur afin d'être déjà enregistré au moment de l'ouverture des ventes.

La deuxième mise en vente aura lieu jeudi 27 septembre à 10h sur L'achat sera limité à 1 billet par transaction. Les billets seront nominatifs, ils vous sera donc demandé de fournir 1 nom par billet.

Nous vous informons que vous ne pourrez acheter des billets que lors d'une seule de ces ventes. Si vous avez acheté vos billets sur vous ne pourrez pas acheter de nouveau des billets sur

Tous les billets seront à retirer le jour du concert, le 2 octobre, aux guichets de l'Olympia à partir de 10h.

Il vous sera demandé de présenter le mail de confirmation d'achat ainsi qu'une pièce d'identité avec photo pour chaque personne. Sur présentation de ces documents vous pourrez récupérer votre billet ainsi qu'un bracelet, les 2 seront indispensables pour accéder à la salle.

Les prix des billets seront 55€ et 60,50€.

The Hives @ OUI FM, Paris Sept 19 2012 8:00pm

The Hives @ OUI FM, Paris Sept 19 2012 8:00pm

After playing L'Album de la semaine for Canal+ on Sept 18 (review below)
The Hives are playing a special show in the lobby of OUI FM radio on Sept 19 @ 8:00pm sharp

Connect to OUi FM (click on link) and listen to the gig LIVE !

lundi 17 septembre 2012

The Hives @ L'Album de la Semaine, Paris, Sept 18 2012

The Hives @ L'Album de la Semaine, Paris, Sept 18 2012


The Hives are back in Paris, for a private show @ canal+, just a few months after playing a kick ass gig @ Gaité Lyrique in May 2012

All dressed in Tuxedos and playing new songs only (except for one ), The Hives are still kicking ass, even though the singer is acting as usual you can see that he's trying to make sure the vocals are the best possible even when he's jumping up and down and swinging the mike as it's a TV recording.
It's not an usual gig so you cannot feel the power of the audience pushing the band or it it because the new songs are bit less good than the old ones.
Good set but it could have been a bit better.

The Jim Jones Revue @ L'Album de la Semaine, Paris Sept 17 2012

The Jim Jones Revue @ L'Album de la Semaine, Paris Sept 17 2012
Photo of rehearsals (left) (c) Canal+
projected setlist, they've changed a couple of things
TBC tomorrow

The Jim Jones Revue are back with a new album and they're playing a few songs from it @ canal+ TV show, from what we've heard tonight most of the songs are more quiet if I can say so...more "classic rock" 70's era à la Alice Cooper.

They came back for a second set and played some of the old stuff that is much more heavy, a cover and they replayed a couple of the heavier new songs from the first set.
It was as if the concert really started for the second set with some of the vintage boogie-rock the band has always played.
I guess some people might be disappointed by some of the new songs, the band is aging I mean... you can't scream and jump like a maniac all the time, but they're aging well.