mardi 31 janvier 2012

Arctic Monkeys + Miles Kane @ Casino de Paris, Jan 31 2012

Arctic Monkeys + Miles Kane @ Casino de Paris , Jan 31 2012
Arctic Monkeys & Miles Kane are playing a sold -out French Tour including 3 shows in Paris @ Casino de Paris tonight, @ Olympia on Feb 03rd & @ Zénith on Feb 04th.
Tonight is the smallest show on the tour in this beautiful theatre, no more than 1500 people.
Miles Kane is opening on all these gigs and is on stage very early @ 7:30pm sharp.
Once again he performed a great gig , his music is much more lively and rock than on his solo record, so don't get fooled by the album it's not too pop on stage.
He was in Paris not so long ago for the Inrocks Fest in November of last year and before that in August @ Rock en Seine festival.(Click for review Pics & video) and he will be back in the French capital @ Cigale on April 30 for his own headlining show.
Hard to Miss. If you haven't seen him yet I guess you're doing it on purpose and you're wrong as he has one of the best album of 2011 and this young lad from Liverpool is rocking on stage.
Great 40 min set with a Jacques Dutronc cover and a new song here on video.

The audience & merchandising

SETLIST Miles Kane
  1. Better Left Invisible
  2. Counting Down The Days
  3. Rearrange
  4. The Responsible
  5. Kingcrawler
  6. Telepathy
  7. Quicksand
  8. My Fantasy
  9. My Kind
  10. Come Closer
  11. Inhaler

A new song by Miles Kane:

Lots of girls tonight in the audience, the theater is packed for the Arctic Monkeys.
On stage @ 8:50 pm the beginning of the set is terrific with "Don't sit down" & "Teddy Picker", it's a bit too loud from where we are standing at the balcony, the stage is very simple and they are all dressed in black.
We've seen them many times and we've always been disappointed, the stage is not their element which is a shame for a rock band.

I guess things have changed now, they seem to enjoy what they're doing better than they used to.
Alex is in good spirit : talking, acting & headbanging like I've never seen him before, he's no Angus Young but it's getting close, well almost.
Probably one of the best show I've seen them performed.
Don't miss them they are improving.
Now they they semm to enjoy being on stage they should get to the next level and play a longer song as they left @ 10:10 pm.
80 min is still a bit short after 4 albums.

Alex Turner is da Man

Arctic Monkeys & Miles Kane for the last song (here on video)
Time schedule, Merchandising, setlist & venue

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lundi 30 janvier 2012

Suicidal Tendencies + Biohazard @ Bataclan, Paris Jan 30 2012

Suicidal Tendencies + Biohazard @ Bataclan, Paris Jan 30 2012
Wow ! I haven't seen both these bands for such a long long .. maybe 15 years.
Don't ask me what they've done recently I don't know.
It's freezing outside but it's hot as hell as usual inside the Bataclan theatre, don't know if it's sold-out but the place is packed.
As we had a busy day we get there very late, in fact we missed all the bands but Biohazard and headliner of this Persitence Tour: Suicidal Tendencies.
I have to mention that we don't know the other bands at all.
Anyway since we saw them (Biohazard) the line up has changed, they're still kicking ass like never before.
The security is nowhere to be seen even though there's people stage-diving all the time, pretty cool and relaxed atmosphere with some ass kicking hard-core music from NYC.


Suicidal Tendencies

Last on stage tonight is Suicidal Tendencies , though they're very popular in France and playing almost every year, I haven't seen them in a very long time,15 years...
Once again the line-up has changed since I last saw them: Only Mike Muir & Mike Clark are remaining from the original line-up.
Great to hear once again some of their great songs like "You can't bring me down" and some others I can't remember.
Once again it's a kick ass set with lots of people on stage all the time, for the last song it looks like half of the theatre in ON the stage with mike singing from the drum stand.
Nice , ST invited the whole cast for a family picture.
ON stage
The Whole Cast + merchandising

samedi 28 janvier 2012

Guns N Roses European Summer Tour 2012 so far...

GUNS N ROSES are back this summer for a European Tour, 2 shows have been confirmed recently:
May 17 - O2 Arena - Dublin, Ireland
Jun. 22 - Gods Of Metal - Milan, Italy

There was a rumour a few days ago that a few gigs were planned in France
Now we can tell you that there is gonna be a "French Tour" that is confirmed with 6 shows in France... Yes 6 shows !!!

5 Juin @ Paris, Bercy
10 Juin @ Lyon, Halle Tony Garnier
11 Juin @ Strasbourg, Zénith
14 Juin @ Toulouse, Zénith
18 Juin @ Montpellier, Arena
19 Juin @ Toulon, Zénith

Prévente exclusive (Pres-sale) le 2 février dès 10h sur !

For the Hellfest 2012 : Motley Crue hasn't been announced officially yet even though they should be on the bill but from what I've been told NOT headlining (?!?), Black Sabbath is the only headliner that has been confirmed yet.

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vendredi 27 janvier 2012

Murakami @ Galerie Perrotin & other stuff...

Murakami @ Galerie Perrotin, Paris Jan 2012

Murakami paintings (above)

@ Galerie Perrotin

St Paul / Chatelet-Les Halles/ Place des Vosges