Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Guns N Roses @ L' Arc Club, Part 1 Paris Sept 14 2010

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Private show @ L' Arc
Paris Sept 14 2010 ( technically Sept 15)

This is Part 1

Part 2 (click on link)
Oh my fuckin' god !

You’re Crazy
Welcome to the jungle
It’s so easy
Mr. Brownstone
Catcher in the Rye
Used to love her
This is love
Sweet child O’ mine
Bumblefoot solo
You could be mine
Street of dreams
Knocking on Heaven’s door
Whole Lotta Rosie
Paradise city

GUNS N ROSES playing in a club just in front of the Arc de Triomphe for 300-400 posh people including us.

FANTASTIC electro-Acoustic show, Axl on top form vocally & "spiritually", having fun , making jokes, smiling all the time: Can you believe it ?

I was litterally ON the stage ( in the garden of the club) as it was knee high, great light show, great sound.
Lots of beauties in the audience, a couple of fans.
Axl Rose telling jokes: saying that when he was staying at the Crillon hotel many years ago, someone in the streets called him Bon Jovi. He said well... " Jon Bon Bovi can suck my dick" he added I don't care if you put this on Youtube. AH AH too bad I didn't recorded it !
Videos should follow soon ( Whole lotta Rosie and another) but I will get my computer back tomorrow morning as it broke down yesterday and I can't upload videos where I am.

couldn't get closer than this !

Tcoo Tchoo "Nightrain":

Oh Yeahhh !!!