Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Billy Corgan Live on French Tv show "Ce soir ou jamais" on France 3 tonight 11PM, Sept 29

Updated : Sept 30
Video from Billy Corgan yesterday at tv show performing "Spangled" HERE

Billy Corgan
( Smashing Pumpkins) will be the guest of Frederic taddei's tv show " Ce soir ou jamais"on France 3.
He's here to promote a book written with Claire Fercak called " Chants Magnetiques" and the Smashing Pumkins' boxset.
" spangled" will be played on acoustic at the end of the show just before midnight.

When The Smashing Pumpkins released "Adore" in 1998, they played a showcase for 200 people on the rooftop of the Fnac Ternes store. ROCKERPARIS was there.
Can you spot The Angelo M in the first rows ?

Blonde Redhead played there yesterday night ( watch video at the end of the show by clicking on the link above)