Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Jello Biafra, QOTSA & Patrice Guino

Jello Biafra @ Rock en Seine
August 28 2010 St Cloud

© Robert Gil, Patrice G is standing underneath the (C) tag on pics

On August 28, Jello Biafra headlined the 3rd stage of the Rock En Seine festival in St Cloud (click for review setlists, pics & video), ROCKERPARIS was there to witness a great gig by the former lead singer of Dead Kennedys with his new band THE GUANTANAMO SCHOOL OF MEDECINE.
The members of QOTSA were also watching the gig from the wings of the stage but not only, our own photographer Patrice 'rockerparis' Guino was also there shooting the gig.
And we have evidence it's on Photosconcerts by the one and only Robert Gil.
Check his site lots of fantastic rock pics.