Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Farewell Poetry + Glissando @ Oliver Peel Session, Paris Sept 21 2010

Farewell Poetry + Glissando @ Oliver Peel session
Paris Sept 21 2010 8:00PM
Security on duty at the door , you needed to be on the guestlist to get in;Farewell Poetry duet

Unusual Oliver Peel session as we're on tuesday but it didn't prevent people from coming after work as it's SOLD OUT, the appartment is rammed, even in the kitchen (the only room where people can smoke) it's hard to make a move.
The music tonight is also a bit unusual no folk young lady with acoustic guitar & banjo.
First artists on stage are Farewell Poetry, a french duet, a real couple in life. The guy's on guitar & the gal on "vocals" reciting 'poetry'.
Lots of effects & loops for the guitar The kind of music that would be perfect for a soundtrack.
Too bad they seem to be a bunch of arrogant posh twats.

Glissando from England

Then we have english band Glissando from Leeds.
It's not folk it's more ambiance , shoegaze & classical with piano , aerian guitars and violin (played buy a sexy asian brunette).
Very interesting session with a different kind of music. When is Oliver inviting Heavy Metal bands ?
Sorry for the pics as I was stuck in the back of the room luckily foods & drinks were right next to me.
Always a pleasure to come to these famous Oliver Peel sessions, which are getting more and more famous woldwide in the folk circles in UK and California.

Won't mention any names but some people were a bit drunk ( right pic) Guess who ?

The beautiful people @ Oliver's ( not everybody could fit on the Pic)

sorry no videos (yet) for this one.