Saturday, September 18, 2010

Nina Hagen @ Cité de la Musique , Paris sept 17 2010 8:00PM

Nina Hagen @ Cité de la Musique
Paris Sept 17 2010 8:00PM
First time we were seeing Nina Hagen LIVE, Patrice already met her at a party years ago but we really didn't know what to expect as we didn't really follow her career.
First thing: she's looking really good & fit for 55, dressed in black leather pants & dress with a t-shirt I thought was AC/DC, in fact it's written Jesus -Highway to heaven-.
First song was a cover of Depeche Mode "Personnal Jesus" she will make many references to god all along the show, it seems that she has found god and is praying a lot which is very funny considering that she also made a few references to the Revolution and the "Commune of Paris" which is considered the basis for Communism.
It looks like you can be very religious and shouting " vive la revolution" or "vive la commune" at the same time.
Anyway we're here for the music.
She played many other covers, (second song was The Doors' "riders on the storm"), "Spirit in the sky", "Oh when the saints", "summertime", "My way" (rock version) and probably a few others (see setlist for details).
Here are a few songs from the show on video : "Schachmatt", "God's radar", "Das Veilchen", Elvis' "Help Me", " all you fascist bound to loose", "Soldattenmelodie" ( Thanks to Uschi rocks)
The show was rock with a couple of more electronic songs, she's always acting a bit funny and making funny faces as you can see on the pics.
The gig was also very blues orientated with a deep low voice singing à la Screaming Jay Hawkins.
Several parts were acoustic with Nina on guitar.Luckily her guitar player his taking care of things otherwise we'll still be waiting for her to tune the guitar right or play the right chord.
Most of the set was sung in English with a just a few songs in german.
it looks like the show was video-recorded maybe it will be available on the Cité de la Musique's website. Check it out.
Very enjoyable.

As the show started at 8:05 PM sharp it ended very early (10:00PM) so we could go to the nearby zénith to see the end of the "Peace one day" Fest with Patti Smith.

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