Thursday, September 23, 2010

Philippe Katerine @ Studio SFR @ Studio SFR, Paris 23 Sept 2010

Philippe Katerine @ Studio SFR
Paris, Sept 23 2010

To promote his new album French singer Philippe Katerine is doing a few private shows for different medias & TVs, he played L' Album de la Semaine for Canal+ on Sept 20 ( We were @ OZZY) and tonight he's playing next to Madeleine church @ Studio SFR for OUI FM and SFR.
The show is broacasted LIVE on the radio and on the SFR website.
Katerine is a famous singer in France thanks to a couple of hit singles, he's also well-known for being a character and a singer with very funny lyrics a bit provocative and décalé.
First time we're seeing him on stage, ok he's always dressed in a funny way ( see pictures) his lyrics are also very funny ( for most of 'em) and the guy is also acting funny, Period.
But the music really sucks, I mean when you hear a song on the radio that's ok but for a whole gig that's really too much.
Hard to believe, it's so lousy, it's ruining everything.
First and... last.