jeudi 31 mars 2011

Listen to Jane's Addiction new song "End to the Lies" with Dave Sitek on bass

Perry Ferrel played a brand new song featuring Dave Sitek on bass ( From TV on the radio) on a Chilean radio a few days ago.
Jane's Addiction new album 'The Great Escape Artist' will be out this summer.

Kris Dollimore @ Gibert Musique, Paris March 31 2011

Kris Dollimore @ Gibert Musique
Paris March 31 2011 6:00pm

English bluesman Kris Dollimore is stopping @ Gibert Musique store in St Michel in the middle of his European Tour to play a short set of 4-5 songs.
Between delta blues -country and English folk à la Bert Jansch, he has a great voice and the guitar playing is neat. Check his myspace page to hear some of his music.
He's the former guitar player with The Godfathers and has played with Steve Bator, Dee Dee Ramone & Johnny Thunders.

mercredi 30 mars 2011

Bijou SVP @ Café des Beaux Arts, Paris March 30 2011

Bijou svp played a small gig just by the river Seine in front of the Louvre Museum, on the left bank in this beautiful bar next to the beaux Arts and a couple of streets away from where Serge Gainsbourg used to live.
The bar is packed with many of their friends, including famous photographer Tony Franck who was the "official" photographer for Serge Gainsbourg and many other french artists.
Can't really say it's Bijou as there's only the bass player (& singer) left from the original band but we had a great time, they've done many Serge Gainsbourg covers plus a couple of their own songs.
They have a "long" history with Serge as he wrote lyrics for them and they invited him to play with them on stage in the late 70's for a whole tour as a guest on some songs which gave him the force to perform on his own later, as Serge was terrified of playing in front of an audience.
They've played for an hour, great loud & heavy bass sound.
Nice time out ! Cool people there and a few pretty girls

The Kills streaming entire new album "Blood Pressures"

The Kills streaming new album "Blood Pressures" HERE

Click on album cover above and again on the cover to listen to it... enjoy!

WHITESNAKE: Entire New Album " Forevermore" Available For Streaming

The Album is out today but listen to it for free HERE
Click on " Forevermore" album cover above and...enjoy !

Other news: WHITESNAKE's "Live At Donington 1990" DVD/live double CD set will be available on June 3; Full tracklisting HERE

lundi 28 mars 2011

Miles Kane @ L'Album de la Semaine Canal+, Paris March 29 2011

Miles Kane @ L'Album de la Semaine, Canal+
Paris March 29 2011
Former guitar player and singer for The Rascals & The Last Shadow Puppets is going solo.
Why sharing all the money in a band when you can keep everything for yourself and have session guys ?
After playing a sold-out show @ Point Ephémere (setlist: Better left Invisible / Rearrange / My Fantasy / King Crawler / Telepathy / Quicksand / Happenstance / Hey Bulldog [The Beatles] / Come Closer / Inhaler) last week on March 23 ,we didn't go we were @ Marianne Faithfull. Miles is back in Paris for this tv show.

He's starting the gig with a very punchy song from the new album "Colour of the trap " that will be out in May 09 2011.
No looking back as he's playing only new songs. It's very close but less rock than The Rascals in which he was the main composer.
Between rock and pop, the musicianship is high, everysong is perfectly executed but i've already noticed that the first time I saw Miles with The Rascals @ Fleche d'Or in 2008 (click for Pics & review).
Between songs he always has a few words for the audience or a "thumbs up" That's him he's always cool and smiling, sure he's a nice guy.
All well dressed with nice shoes and jackets, very 60's English especially Miles all in black with white shirt, is he coming back from a funeral ?
Funny they look like the Beatles '65.
I was a bit disapointed after hearing a few songs from the new album but Live they really rock.The single is much more better live than on cd
Great gig
Check our reviews of The Rascals @ Maroquinerie on Dec 1 2008
& The Last Shadow Puppets @ Olympia on August 26 2008 & @ Album de la Semaine for Canal+ the day after

Radiohead's "The Universal Sigh" in Paris, March 28 2011

Radiohead's "The Universal Sigh" newspaper
Paris, March 28 2011

People were handing out copies of the band's free newspaper to fans today in Paris just in front of the Pompidou Center from noon to 6:00pm.
From what they told me it was a bit of a mess around 12:00 because you needed to have your picture taken with the newspaper. Hundreds of fans turned up to get their free copy.
I went there around 5:45pm there was just a few fans so it was done quickly.

The album is out today on cd & vinyl.

dimanche 27 mars 2011

Megadeth + Slayer (Part 2) @ Zénith, Paris March 26 2011

Megadeth + Slayer @ Zénith, Paris March 26 2011
"Carnage Tour"

After a powerful 75 min set by Slayer, it's time for Megadeth to take the stage.
It's a good surprise that they are headlining tonight.
Last time MEGADETH played the Zénith ( Click for the review setlist Pics & video) was on March 21 2009 opening for Judas Priest (click for Pics, setlist & video) and they stole the show with a killer best-of set.
For Slayer review , Pics, video & setlist Click HERE

Huge rattle-head backdrop, great lightshow and perfect sound as well.
They started the show with a song from Cryptic Writings : "Trust" maybe not the best choice to start the gig with.
Patrice Guino , our photographer, told us that from the photographer's pit he couldn't hear Dave's voice at all, it was better from the stalls but it's hard to go on stage just behind Tom Araya considering his powerfull voice and Dave's.

It's so nice to have Dave Ellefson on bass, it wasn't really Megadeth without him, a bit like the Smashing Pumpkins with only Billy Corgan.
For the first part of the show they're playing hit after hit, it dives a bit in the middle section with less known songs (see setlist below for details).
"A tout le monde" (click for video) is having the Zénith sing their lungs out.
Last part of the show is a killer with "Symphony of destruction" , "Peace sells" and "Holy Wars" here on video.
Dave Mustaine

Setlist & Merchandising

"Holy Wars"

samedi 26 mars 2011

Megadeth + Slayer (Part 1) @ Zénith, Paris March 26 2011

Slayer + Megadeth @ Zénith Paris March 26 2011
"Carnage Tour"
Well, it's been a long time. Can't remember the last time we saw them, I guess it was in bercy a few years ago.
We missed them at the Hellfest last year, even though we saw them getting on stage (Click for the Pictures).
We are not great fans but they've always been very impressive Live. I clearly remember a festival in Bercy "Tatoo the Planet" in 2001 with Slayer headlining and... we were lucky to be on the stage just next to the drummer Paul Bostaph.
The funny thing was that Jeff Hanneman had trouble with his guitar so he went behind the drum-kit to have it fixed by his tech, you couldn't hear the difference when he was playing and when he was not !
Anyway , it's really a surprise to see that Slayer is not headlining tonight but it's a good surprise for us as we prefer Megadeth.
The Zénith is quite full (6500 capacity) but not sold-out it really shows that both bands are not as popular as before, a few years ago , well maybe 10-15 years from now they were playing sold-out the same arena on their own.
Dark stage for Slayer with a wall of marshall amps in the back and the eagles with the logo above.
Cool lighshow and lots of dry ice (smoke), The sound is perfect : (very) loud and clear.
1) Wold Painted Blood
2) Hate Worlwide
3) War ensemble
4) Postmortem
5) Temptation
6) Dead skin Mask
7) Silent Scream
8) The Antechrist
9) Americon
10) Payback
11) Season in the Abyss
12) Snuff
13) South of Heaven (another version)
14) Raining Blood

15) Black Magic
16) Angel of death

Exodus guitar player Gary Holt is helping out as Jeff Hanneman is sick and is doing a great job.
Powerfull show but songs tend to sound a bit the same in the end.
75 min gig


"South of Heaven" + "raining blood"