dimanche 27 mars 2011

Megadeth + Slayer (Part 2) @ Zénith, Paris March 26 2011

Megadeth + Slayer @ Zénith, Paris March 26 2011
"Carnage Tour"

After a powerful 75 min set by Slayer, it's time for Megadeth to take the stage.
It's a good surprise that they are headlining tonight.
Last time MEGADETH played the Zénith ( Click for the review setlist Pics & video) was on March 21 2009 opening for Judas Priest (click for Pics, setlist & video) and they stole the show with a killer best-of set.
For Slayer review , Pics, video & setlist Click HERE

Huge rattle-head backdrop, great lightshow and perfect sound as well.
They started the show with a song from Cryptic Writings : "Trust" maybe not the best choice to start the gig with.
Patrice Guino , our photographer, told us that from the photographer's pit he couldn't hear Dave's voice at all, it was better from the stalls but it's hard to go on stage just behind Tom Araya considering his powerfull voice and Dave's.

It's so nice to have Dave Ellefson on bass, it wasn't really Megadeth without him, a bit like the Smashing Pumpkins with only Billy Corgan.
For the first part of the show they're playing hit after hit, it dives a bit in the middle section with less known songs (see setlist below for details).
"A tout le monde" (click for video) is having the Zénith sing their lungs out.
Last part of the show is a killer with "Symphony of destruction" , "Peace sells" and "Holy Wars" here on video.
Dave Mustaine

Setlist & Merchandising

"Holy Wars"