mercredi 30 juin 2010

The Dead Weather @ Bataclan , Paris June 30 2010

The Dead Weather + The Cavaliers @ Bataclan
Paris June 30 2010
Last gig for June.
The Dead Weather @ the hot & sweaty Bataclan, still no air conditioning in this theatre.

First we have a French Surf Music band: The Cavaliers, they've done a decent set.
Then it's time for The Dead Weather to rock the house.
it's the fourth time we're seeing them after La Cigale on June 29 2009, TV Show L' Album de la Semaine on June 30 2009 (just one year ago) & The Olympia on Oct 28 2009.( Click for review Pics & videos)

When we saw them @ La Cigale and @ the Canal+ Tv show we were a bit dissapointed as the band was lacking real songs but there's not doubt that it was powerful.
The album when it came out was also a bit of a let down.

Still haven't listen to the new record yet (once again), still very bluesy & raw.
The band is powerful but it's so hot in here that Jack & Alison are complaining about the heat and lack of AC and they are right. It's hot as hell.
Patrice, our photographer, is also complaining about the light show, I know mate it's hard to take a decent Pic with this band.
Anyway even though they're still lacking proper songs they've done a killer set

Jack is coming down the front, a couple of times, to sing ( and play guitar), here on video.
Too bad the gig was so short they've just done a little bit more than an hour set.
setlist to come shortly


Jack on vocals:


Aerosmith + The Cribs Part 1 @ Paris Bercy June 29 2010

@ Paris Bercy June 219 2010
Part 1

Part 2 ( here)
The Cribs Feat. Johnny Marr

We're getting into Bercy as The Cribs is starting playing, I really wonder what the hell they're doing here opening for Aerosmith.
It might be a rock band but their music has nothing to do with our rockers from Boston.
They are wwaaaayyy to English, even though they've done a decent set no need to tell you that the audience wasn't impressed at all.
They're a club or theatre band certainly NOT an arena band and the music is average.
Some members of The Cribs were watching Aero's set with some of their friends on the side.
Nice to see Aerosmith back in Paris after all the things that went on those last few months with Steven Tyler. It would have been "funny" to see Aero without Tyler ( personal opinion).
Anyway, TYLER is back and kicking ass like never before.

SETLIST ( correct)
01. Love In An Elevator
02. Back In The Saddle
03. Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees)
04. Eat The Rich
05. Pink
06. Livin' On The Edge
07. What It Takes
08. Jaded
09. Mama Kin
10. Cryin'
--Drum Solo--
11. Rag Doll
12. Stop Messin' Around
13. I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
14. Sweet Emotion
15. Baby Please Don't Go
16. Draw The Line
17. Dream On
18. Walk This Way
19. Toys In The Attic

Videos of "Walk this way", "Draw the line", "rag doll", "What it takes" HERE

Steven "close-up" Tyler

Bercy is not sold-out but packed.
Really good start with " Love in an elevator" &" Back in the saddle" unfortunatelly things are getting ugly early in the show.
First the sound isn't that good, too much vocals and not enough guitars, hard to hear Joe's guitar clearly.

The stage set up apart from the huge screens in the back is very poor , the lightning's stunning But what is VERY disappointing is the shitty setlist, tonight we had all the shit from the late 80's early 90's : "falling in love", "pink", "what it takes", "jaded", "crying"," rag doll","I don't want to miss a thing" ...
The Toxic Twins

AERO have done so many great songs, how is it possible to play so many shitty songs in just one set ? Are they trying to punish us or what ?

Steven is back and is looking really fit & rocking like never before and telling funny things between songs or in the middle of the songs.
There's an "ego" catwalk in the middle of the pit and Steven is always on it, Joe is also joining him very often too.
Steven's voice is not as great as before but he's making the show, the mother fucker's a real showman, one of the best.

Joey Kramer

"Eat the Rich":


Aerosmith Part 2 @ Paris Bercy June 29 2010

AEROSMITH @ Paris Bercy, June 29 2010
Part 2

Part 1( click) with video
Joey Kramer

Joey Kramer is having his minute of fame with a drum solo ( hopefully it's not too long), Steven is joining in for a few seconds.
Joe Perry is also having a solo spot singing one on his own " Stop messing around" ...well OK.
Great guitar playing but the vocals are poor.Keith Richards' syndrom.

JOE "FUCKING" PERRY in action !
The last third of the show is fantastic, hard to beat Aerosmith when they're playing their best songs : Sweet Emotion, Baby Please Don't Go ( great version), Draw The Line, Dream On, Walk This Way, Toys In The Attic.
See Ya Paris

Mixed feeling about this gig, they could have done so much better.
With the correct setlist they can kick anybody's ass but NOT tonight.


mardi 29 juin 2010

Steven Tyler in Paris June 28 2010

Contact : irockinparis((@))yahoo(dot)fr

June 28 2010

Steven Tyler & painting, A girl's ass sign by Steven

Aerosmith is already in Paris.
They will be playing tomorrow night (June 29) @ Paris Bercy
Robert Trujillo from Metallica is also in Paris.

Other news:
Nous productions & Green Day are looking for the girl ( Melissa ? Alisson ? ) who sung with Green Day on Longview (click to watch this ROCKERPARIS video)@ Parc des Princes in Paris
contact : or ROCKERPARIS.

I've been told that IRON MAIDEN will play 2 shows in Paris Bercy in February 2011.
Not confirmed yet.

Dont believe all the shit regarding French rock band TELEPHONE getting back together & playing several shows @ Stade de France. It is COMPLETE BULLSHIT.
I wish it was true but it's NOT.
There has been an official statement from Jean Louis Aubert denying this.