lundi 21 juin 2010

Slayer (not really) @ Hellfest in Clisson, June 20 2010

Slayer ( Not really) @ Hellfest in Clisson
june 20 2010,
Pass sheets backstage
Slayer getting on stage and ready to destroy Clisson & everything around.

Kerry practicing before getting on stage (above)


    1. World Painted Blood
    2. Jihad
    3. War Ensemble
    4. Dead Skin Mask
    5. Angel of Death
    6. Beauty Through Order
    7. Disciple
    8. Hate Worldwide
    9. Mandatory Suicide
    10. Chemical Warfare
    11. South of Heaven
    12. Raining Blood
In fact we've missed Slayer as we couldn't get on stage with them and as we were starving we decided to eat something. From the catering area behind the stage we could hear that it was really powerful, much more than any other bands playing before.

I'm not a Slayer freak but i'm sure it was great , " Angel of death" is still ringing in my hear even though we were in the gymnasium having a hot meal.

But we needed to get ready for KISS