Saturday, June 12, 2010

Supergrass @ Cigale, Paris June 11 2010 Last ever show !

SUPERGRASS + Charly Coombes & the New Breed
@ Cigale, Paris june 11 2010
Supergrass is playing its last ever show before splitting @ Cigale in Paris.
Of course it's SOLD-OUT.
Charly Coombes & The New Breed is opening, they started very early so we could only catch the last 3-4 songs. Very nice set.
Alvin Stardust

After a short break, we have some nice videos (from the 70's) from the English government preventing kids from crossing the street without looking for cars before feat. Alvin Stardust & Kevin Keegan.
Remember Kids ! Be Smart...Be Safe.
Kevin Keegan

Then it's time to SUPERGRASS to take the stage for a final Paris.
How cool is that !
Nice & lively atmosphere in the audience but I don't really feel particular emotional moments as if it was a normal concert.
The pit down the front is packed and jumping up & down thanks to the very "elastic" floor.
They are playing 4 songs from each record starting with "Diamond hoo Ha" and then going back in time from one record to the other ("Road to rouen", "Life on other planets", "Supergrass", "In it for the money", "I should coco")
Scroll down for detailed setlist.
Each album is introduced by a very short movie.
The original trio is on stage plus Charly on guitar & Percussion & a keyboard player.
Just the three of them for most of the songs from the early records.
Great songs, they always been a great pop-rock band on stage.
2 songs for the Encore ending the set with the very first song they wrote together: " Caught by The Fuzz"( Part1) , Part 2 HERE (click for videos)
Funny: Mickey wanted to break his bass guitar on the drums and Danny refused, he even didn't want to smash the bass guitar even though Mickey asked him too ( see part 2 on video)
Gaz thanked the audience but it was strange, you couldn't feel it was their last ever show.
I thought it would be more emotional than that !
Great show anyway !!!
SETLIST Paris Cigale

An empty stage... for good !

First song of the show , "Diamond Hoo Ha Man":

See Ya guys !

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