Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Black Keys @ L' Album de la semaine Canal+, Paris June 22 2010

The Black Keys @ L'Album de la Semaine
Canal+ Paris June 22 2010

Last recording of the season for Canal+ TV show L'Album de la Semaine and we're lucky to get a great band: The Black Keys.
They just have a record out and they're here to promote it.
Lots of people tonight more than 200 people for this "Private gig" ( Concert Privé) which means that it's , technically, NOT an " Album de la Semaine" as we're gonna get a full concert and not only 7-8 songs.

The Black Keys are playing a heavy blues Rock with lots of distortion on guitar à la Buddy Guy but more heavy.
They've enhanced their sound as they are getting two more musicians after a couple of songs for the rest of the gig ( but the last two songs).
The addition of a bass player and a keyboard player gives an extra flavor to their sound.
Maybe a purist would prefer then with a raw sound not us.
I'm prety sure than with this enhanced sound they're gonna get new fan I'm already conquered.

GREAT gig, see setlist above for details

Then I went to the Grand Rex Theatre to see the end of the "live"broadcast of the BIG FOUR with Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer & Metallica.
I've watched the last twenty minutes of Metallica with a great jam on " Am I evil" feat. all bands,
So cool to see them on the same stage specially Dave playing with his old bandmates.

"Am I Evil" feat. Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax & Megadeth:

It will be out on DVD shortly.