dimanche 13 juin 2010

MUSE @ Stade de France, Paris june 12 2010

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@ Stade de France 2
Paris, June 12 2010
Second show for MUSE @ Stade de France and it's SOLD-OUT once again.
We have tix in the front pit, we get there on the right, too bad Matthew is on the other side.
The stage is massive with a beautiful architecture.
We didn't see any of the support bands Dewchka, White Lies & Kasabian.

MUSE gets on the stage @ 9:20PM to a massive reception from the audience, luckily the pit is far from being packed where we are standing and we have a clear view.
The sound is neat and Matthew's vocals perfect ( Too perfect ?!?)
Going to a MUSE concert is a bit like going to U2, RHCP or Supertramp, even without listening to any of their records you know most of the songs as they're played constantly on radios.

In fact the stage on which they're playing is prety small and the band isn't really moving a lot , even Matthew. He went only twice or maybe 3 times on the other side.
They stole the idea of the small stage moving forward to The Rolling Stones ( see Pic above) and the small elevated platform ( see Pic below) to AC/DC.

Setlist: (TBC)from Muse Messenger message board
1- Uprising
2- Supermassive Black Hole
3- New Born
4- Map of the Problematique
5- Butterflies & Hurricanes
6- Guiding Light
7- Interlude & Hysteria
8- Nishe
9- United States of Eurasia
10- I Belong To You (+ "Mon Cœur s'ouvre à ta Voix")
11- Feeling Good
12- MK Jam
13- Undisclosed Desires
14- Resistance
15- Starlight
16- "House of the Rising Sun" (instrumental) + Time Is Running Out
17- Unnatural Selection
18- Exogenesis Part 1*
19- Soldier's Poem* ( or other way round)
20- Stockholm Syndrome
21- Take a bow
22- Plug in baby
23- Knights of cydonia
One of the coolest thing of the show was the "Spaceship" flying over the audience with the girl underneath.
You might like or not the music, yes it is really pompous but you have to admit that MUSE really put on a great stadium show.
Maybe they should, especially the bass player, move a bit more and use the space better on that fantastic stage.

Really good show !

Some girls & stage

Pass & Merchandising

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Backstage Bercy (left) Live @ Chatelet (right)