Friday, June 4, 2010

AIR + Hot Rats Performing " The Virgin Suicides" @ Cité de la Musique, Paris June 3 2010

AIR + Hot Rats @ Cité de la Musique
Paris, june 3 2010
La Cité de la Musique is celebrating the music of French electro band AIR with several gigs with different guests for each concert.
On June 1st, AIR played with American electro all-female band Au Revoir Simone.
Tonight AIR is playing for the first time ever in its entirety his masterpiece the soundtrack to the Sofia Coppola movie " The Virgin Suicides".
Tomorrow AIR will play with former Pulp singer Jarvis Cocker.
On june 6th AIR will play with The Orchestre National d'Ile de France @ Salle Pleyel.
First on stage is cover band Hot Rats with members of Supergrass( Gaz Coombes & Danny Goffey).
We already saw them Live @ The Album de la Semaine TV show a few months ago, they're still having fun playing covers from The Kinks, The Doors "Crystal Ship", Beastie Boys, Sex Pistols" EMI" here on video.Ending with Elvis Costello's " Pump it up".
They're Ok but not fantastic.

Performing "EMI" from the Sex Pistols

After a short break Gaz & danny are joining Jean-Benoit Dunkel (he's the one on keyboards) & Nicolas Godin (he's the one on bass) to perform in its enterety " The virgin Suicides" soundtrack.
No need to tell you that we were expecting this for a very long time as this soundtrack is one of our favorite record at ROCKERPARIS, much more better than the whole discography of AIR put together.
I'm surprised that there are only the four of them to perform , no additional musicians.
After they played the first song, you can hear that they record is played perfectly.
Maybe the Saxophone is missing on one song but that's not a big deal as it's played on bass and it may be strange but it sounded very good.
Not that much to say apart that the show was perfect
I had as much pleasure seeing this album taking life as I had when Lou reed performed his masterpiece Berlin at The Palais des Congres a few years ago.

Great record, Great 50 min set.
They came back for an Encore performing "Don't be light".

Another video HERE

Then I went to the Cigale to meet a couple of friends and we bumped into the guys from Two Door Cinema Club who were taking pics with fans, here they are:

Two Door Cinema Club & fans