dimanche 15 janvier 2012

Chickenfoot @ Olympia, Paris Jan 16 2012

CHICKENFOOT @ Olympia, Paris Jan 16 2012
Feat: Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Joe Satriani & Kenny Aronoff

First show for year 2012 and we couldn't start better this new year than with a real Rock'n Roll band like Chickenfoot feat. 2 former Van Halen members plus guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani and monster drummer Kenny Aronoff who's seating in for departed Chad Smith who's back and touring with The Red Hot Chili Peppers.
Funnily our last show for 2011 was the RHCP @ Cigale on Dec 19 for an invit' only theatre show.

It's not sold-out tonight , balcony is full but there are lots of space downstairs in the pit, from what I've been told there were still 500 tickets left for the gig at the box office on the night.

First : it's the very first time That we're seeing them Live and Second, shame on us, we haven't heard properly any of their records yet.
There's a real chemistry between these guys and most of all they're enjoying what they are doing, you can see it on their faces. They all have a big smile.
Like proper American rock stars they are all, apart from Michael, wearing sunglasses, and like proper "rebels" are all dressed in black.

Hard to judge a gig when you're hearing the songs for the very first time.
Even though they do have some really good songs, it's rocking, there are no standout classic tracks.
No need to tell you that the musicianship is high.

There are a couple of supergroups out there like Chickenfoot : Them Crooked Vultures & Black Country Communion, they all have fantastic musicians but they are all missing a hit song with a great hook.
On stage they are all killing machines and Chickenfoot is no exception.

Great 1h50 in gig.

Lighten Up
Alright Alright
Big Foot
Sexy Little Thing (another recording)
Soap on a Rope
Up Next (Another recording from the balcony)
My Kinda Girl
Down the Drain
Three and a Half Letters
Something Going Wrong
Turning Left
Future in the Past
Different Devil
Oh Yeah ! (+ foxy lady)
Foxy Lady
Joe hendrix
see ya paris !!!

Here's a 10 min live video of Chickenfoot recorded for the Rockpalast @ Mitsubishi Halle in Dusseldorf Germany on Jan 19.
It will be broadcast on WDR tv channel in Germany on Feb 27. An interview is here.