Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Red Hot Chili Peppers @ La Cigale, Paris Dec 19 2011

The Red Hot Chili Peppers @ Cigale, Paris dec 19 2011

After playing two sold-out shows in October @ Bercy (17 500 Capacity), The Red Hot Chili Peppers are back in Paris , this time to play the tiny Cigale ( 1500 capacity). It's the second time they're playing here, first time was in April 2006 and Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore were watching from the wings of the stage.
Don't need to tell you that it's Sold-out, but it's only competition winners from Orange Mobile phone and NRJ radio on the floor and VIP guests from media, Warner Cie and sponsors at the balcony upstairs.

We chose to be with real fans on the floor to get warm as the weather was absolutely horrible all day long: very cold and rainy.
There's a party with free booze and canapés at the nextdoor Boule Noire club before the show.
The band is onstage at 9:05 pm.

Even though we know that we're VERY lucky to be with the happy few, we're not great fans anymore of the RHCP they've done too many shitty records these last 10 years and the last album is probably the worst they've ever done.
Nevertheless when the RHCP are not playing shitty songs they are very entertaining, Flea is always doing his funny faces and funny stage moves, Chad Smith is a great drummer.

Can't say that Anthony is a great singer as he's sometimes singing flat but he's also doing the show.
Luckily the band has some great hit singles to entertain the younger audience and the girls.
They're not jamming too much like they did on their arena tour as it was very boring and useless.
It was a much better gig than the one we saw @ Bercy two months ago and it's always a pleasure to see a stadium rock band playing in a small theatre specially when you're so close to the stage as we were tonight.
Very good 1h50 min show.
Setlist & Pass-sheet

After the show we had a few drinks and some tasty canapés in the vip area @ Boule Noire.
We had our picture taken by the Orange guys in front of the "wall of fame" for the gig, looking forward to see our ugly faces on their website.

Great night out for our last show for 2011

Stevie Wonder's "Higher Ground"

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