mardi 2 décembre 2008

The Rascals + Music is not Fun @ Maroquinerie Dec 1st 2008

French support band : Music is Not Fun

Second show in Paris this year for The rascals , this time they're playing the Maroquinerie .
Nice to be back here in this tiny club just a couple of days after Pete Doherty's solo gig .
French band Music is not Fun is opening , decent set and they're singing in English, Nice !

The Rascals Live

Last time at the Fleche D'Or in September , The Rascals did a killer set , at the time i haven't heard their first album Rascalize.
Check our review + photos and Videos from the September gig here :
Opening with " out of dreams " i knew straight from the opening song that they would do another killer set, Rascalize is a great record and the songs are working even better live. Miles is a funny lad looking a bit like a young John lennon and has to be very focus on his pedals using numerous effects on his guitar.
Watching The Rascals play live, you can see the HUGE gap between young french rock bands and young english bands. Technically they are perfect and their songs much more difficult to play and attractive than ALL french bands put together.
This Baby Rocker French scene is so laughable compere to this ( very ) good English young band.
They've played a new song " Chills and fever" .
The audience loved them , once again many girls tonight and the place is packed ( but not Sold-out ).
They did a cover of Echo & the Bunnymen ( " all that Jazz" ) and ended their very short set (only 65 min ) with John Lennon's " Instant Karma " ( see video below ) .
Sad they've played most of their set in the dark.
One of my TOP 10 Gig for 2008 ( it's my 198 th this year so far ... )

Miles Kane surrounded by girls + Setlist ( may be in different order )
Joe Edwards + Miles Kane signing autographs

Video of " I'll give you sympathy" :

Video of last song John Lennon 's " Instant Karma " :