vendredi 10 juillet 2009

Madonna@ Bercy July 9th 2009

Madonna @ Bercy
July 9th 2009

Same show as in September 2008 @ Stade de France
See our Pictures HERE ( First show) and HERE ( Second Show ) from the Stade de France.

Bercy is really packed even though there were still tickets left a few days ago.
The promoter even put people on both sides behind the stage , Bastard.

Lots of backing tapes for the vocals
After seeing Britney Spears in this very same place 3 days ago ( see our review and pictures HERE ) you can really tell the difference between someone with talent and who knows how to dance and entertain and a lousy " singer".
Just imagine a boxing game between Myke Tyson vs Prince.

Britney is KO.
Tribute to Mickael

Lie down baby

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Rock & dance

Some Fans

Some Girls