mercredi 9 novembre 2011

Lou Reed/Metallica @ Taratata, Paris Nov 09 2011

TO BE BROADCAST ON FRANCE 2 (click for teaser) ON NOV 25

Lou Reed/Metallica
are in Paris to promote the awful "Lulu" , they've played "Jool's Holland" tv show yesterday night in London performing two songs "Iced Honey" & "White Light/White Heat" so I guess these are the songs that will be perform tonight.

A/S @ Taratata


After seeing Izia (french singer),new sensation Lana Del Rey, Baxter Dury, Charlie Winston and some other shit.

Metallica/Lou Reed played last, performing two songs: "The View" then Lars, Rob & Lou were interviewed for a few minutes and the band ended the shortest set I have ever seen them performed with "White Light/ White Heat".
We left straight after their performance, Taratata was recording another of its TV show with other artists, James told us that they were only allowed two songs ,they will be playing 6 songs in Germany and 3 songs in Italy.

We know that we attended something REALLY special, a once in a life time event to see Metallica & Lou Reed performing together even though their record "Lulu" is really crap.
Metallica was on top form specially James who's very fit whereas Lou Reed looks 20 years older than his age.
Great performance nevertheless.

The interview is HERE

Lou Reed & Metallica performed live in Cologne, Germany on November 11, 2011 during a live radio broadcast/webcast on 1LIVE radio.
VIDEOS HERE ( 6 songs) with the interview & Pictures HERE

METALLICA @ Sonisphere France 2011
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