vendredi 19 octobre 2012

Suzanne Vega @ Casino d'Enghien les bains, Oct 19 2012

 Suzanne Vega @ Casino d'Enghien les bains, Oct 19 2012
 Yesterday was MUSE playing to 17000 screaming young fans @ Paris Bercy Arena with a loud sound, lasers and an huge upside down pyramid made of dozens of screens, tonight is the other side of the coin with singer-songwriter playing a cozy small theatre @ Casino d'Enghien les Bains, 10 km on the north of Paris, with just an acoustic guitar and the help of Gerry Leonard on electric guitar.
We wanted to get a drink at the bar before the show, as we bought our tickets at the local box office it provided a free entrance for the casino ( usually they are charging 15 euros just to get in, yes 15 euros to get the right to get rob at gambling machines) but couldn't as those bastards didn't like the way we were dressed up : Vans, designer tee shirt, jeans & leather jacket. Fuck'em they won't get our money.
 Anyway we were there to attend Suzanne Vega's concert, last time we saw her live was at the Théatre Marigny 2 years ago. She's now promoting the Volume 4 of her career spanning Close-Up cd. Made of reworked versions of her songs, mostly acoustic. Gerry Leonard (former David Bowie band) is still playing with her helping out on electric guitar and loops. Unlike Muse, Suzanne doesn't need lasers and screens all over the place to catch the attention of people, simply because she has great songs...and a great sens of humor. The only prop was a topper to look like Marlene Dietrich on some songs. 
No need to tell you that we enjoyed the show a lot, even though we would have like more songs from her "Beauty & Crime" cd.
Great night out.