samedi 13 octobre 2012

The Rolling Stones' rehearsals in France, Oct 2012

Rehearsals  (with Setlist)  of Oct 15 is HERE
Rehearsals (with setlist)  of Oct 16 is HERE
" I wanna be your man" audio from rehearsals is HERE


The Rolling Stones have a new Best Of... "GRRR!" out soon with a couple of new tracks recorded in Paris at the end of August.
As the band is getting ready to play a couple of shows at the O2 Arena in London at the end of November and a couple more in NYC at the beginning of December and maybe some more...

We left Paris for the country side for a couple of days to (try to) listen to the rehearsals, nice bet as we heard many songs from their back catalogue and a couple of new ones including "Doom & Gloom" (here on audio) and "One more shot", which was a world exclusive for us, as the song has never been heard anywhere yet.
Rehearsals started at the beginning of the month and will end in a couple of weeks.

-Here's a list of songs that were rehearsed on Oct 11 (not in order & corrected):
Miss you, It's only Rock'n roll, Tumbling dice, You got me rocking, Let it bleed, Sitting on the dock of the bay, respectable, far away eyes, Doom & gloom,One more shot,  paint it Black, I wanna be your man, Not fade away, Brown sugar, If you can't rock me, some girls

-Songs rehearsed on Oct 12 (in order):  CORRECTED on OCT15
Bitch, All down the line, rocks off,Dead flowers, Last time, Honky Tonk women, Going to a gogo, Ladyjane, Down & Gloom, One more shot, shine  a light, can't always get..., happy.Before they make me run, sympathy for the devil

To answer all questions: YES we do have recorded "One more shot", don't know if we'll post this one as we don't want to be in trouble with the Stones or people working with them... maybe later but the song sounds a bit like "doom" , less rock more groovy with a better chorus. It would have been my choice for the first single instead of "Doom"
We may post "I wanna be your man" as we love The Beatles over here.

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