Wednesday, September 17, 2008

KEZIAH JONES + Mina Agossi & Ji-Mob @ "Le pont des artistes " France Inter Sept 17th

The Interviews

"Le Pont des Artistes " on France Inter.
2 hour long radio show featuring : Keziah Jones - Mina Agossi - Ji-Mob
Needless to say that we came only to see Keziah Jones ( it's my 5th show for this artist this month ) but it's always interesting to discover other artists .

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Keziah started by playing " nigerian wood" then he was interviewed, then we had Mina Agossi who's a Jazz female singer. Her band consist of just a double bass and a drummer , she's doing the rest on vocals and she's quite impressive.
There are interviews between each number.
Last artist to come onstage was Ji-Mob ( a french soul/jazz/electro band ) with as a leader a flute player . The female black singer's georgous ( see picture ).

So, one song ( or two ) followed by a interview and so on for the next two hours .
Each band playing after one another. See full setlist below.

Mina Agossi did a fantastic version of Hendrix ' "third stone from the sun". Remember she has to do all the melodies with her voice Stunning !
Keziah ended the show with several songs but
1st ) he didn't play all the songs w
hat were planned on the setlist and his set was plagued by technicals problems
2nd ) he cut short a couple of songs .

Anyway good show even if there were too much talking between songs ( technicians had to set everything back for each band ).
Nice to see Keziah Jones in such good conditions .
This is the same studio as for the Black session.
Nice to discover 2 artists Mina Agossi ( She's playing the New Morning in october ) & Ji-Mob .

Mina Agossi ( left ) Ji-Mob ( right )

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The podcast will be available after the broadcast ( on saturday ) for a week.

Keziah Jones video here :

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