Tuesday, September 16, 2008

MERCURY REV Black Session " C'est Lenoir " Paris Sept 15th 2008

MERCURY REV a playing a late night promotional radio show for France Inter.
It's a Black session : live gig in front of 250 people in a studio which looks live a small movie theatre with very confortable seats.
We arrived just in time at the radio( 10 pm ) but we missed a couple of minutes from the first song.
They are here to promote their, soon to be released ( sept 30th ), new album "Snow flake midnight " .
This show is broadcasted live for an hour so we have a little surprise for you here.
The music is a bit like Janes Addiction meets Pink Floyd .
Some songs are really psyche and others are really heavy.
I don't know if i'm getting old but it's quite loud .
No breaks between songs as they're playing them one after another . So if you are not familiar with them it's as if they were playing one song for 75 min.

The singer is leaving his lyrics to the max and is sometimes funny to watch with his leg in the air ( a bit like that chap from Jethro tull )he also has some funny grins on his face .
Nice show but you really have to be into it to fully appreciate .
We were lucky to get 3 songs after the broadcast was over ( 11 pm ).[ not on the setlist ]
Those 3 songs are : ( from http://defgav.com/rev/)
Tonight it shows
Tides of the moon
Senses on fire

They will be back in Paris on NOV 25th @ the Elysée Montmartre.

Handwritten setlist ( left ) & mixing desk setlist ( right )

Here is a live video of MERCURY REV performing "tides of the moon" not broadcasted on the Black session: