Tuesday, September 16, 2008

James Hunter @ " L' album de la semaine " Canal+ Paris Sept 16th 2008

Back to La plaine St Denis just outside Paris this week to see James Hunter performing for Canal+ tv show " L' album de la semaine" in front of 120 people.
I've been listening to his songs on his Myspace page ( link below , scroll down the page ) and i really like what he's doing .
I 'm quite excited to see him live , seeing a band on stage is always the ultimate test.
Some are failing ( like The Virgins ) and many others are successfull.
He has 5 musicians with him on organ , double bass , drums and two saxophones ( one tenor & one baritone ).
James is singing and playing the guitar .
His songs are different from one to another, some songs sound like 60's northen soul, others are more Jazz : à la Georgie fame and others are a bit Ska but there's always a common point : Quality.
Hard to believe he's an english whitey when you listen to the music , the chap could (should ? ) be black with his soulfull voice . Oh my god Garnett Mimms is still alive !!!
His music is totally american and the way that bloke speaks between songs is totally english so the mix of both is quite funny to hear
And he has a sens of humour.
Very good gig indeed.
It is so nice to hear something different than the usual 3 chords Rock' n Roll .

This the setlist : he re-did "Carina" ( after "Believe me Baby" ) and played an extra song " No smoke without fire " . So 10 songs for tonight.

Don't miss him He's playing Paris' Jazz Club the New Morning on October 17th

Sorry no pictures or video for this one ( it's verboten ).