Thursday, September 11, 2008

METALLICA @ TARATATA & Virgin Radio Paris Sept 10th 2008

James & Rob
Kirk & Lars

Long day with The Almighty METALLICA in Paris
First was Virgin radio in the afternoon and then TARATATA
It was a KILLER ...

Metallica was in Paris for a short promotional trip. they arrived here on the 9th around 9 PM. They stayed in the same hotel as Coldplay , Tony Parker & Eva Longoria. From what i heard they all went ( Metallica ) to the restaurant that night and then Lars & Kirk went to a dancing club coming back very late ... hum ... very early in the morning. Lars was staying in another hotel two minutes walk from the others.
On the 10th they went to the rehearsals for Taratata ( see picture below ).
Lars & Rob did an interview for Virgin Radio @ 6 pm ( Lars arriving late ) , we couldn't get into the studio so we had to stay in the lobby to listen to the interview.Around 30 fans were there and Lars & Kirk pose for pictures and sign autographs for everyone They left @ 7pm to go back to Taratata.

The show was running late and didn't start before 9 pm .
was the first band to play and did their new single " The day that never comes" .
What you have to know is that Taratata is the french Jools Holland , stage is central and stalls are all around for 400 people. We were second row, 3 meters behind James, facing the others.
You can't imagine how close we were from James. Sound was neat and not to loud. Perfect.
Just as they finished their song there was a power failure backstage so it took a good 10 min before they did their interview. Lars asked if there were any Metallica fans in the audience checking Metallica t-shirts in the crowd and talking to fans. They were very relax and chatty even though they show little signs of boredom as they had their plane to catch just after the show. After the interview in which James had a laugh at dave Mustaine as Nagui ( the host ) played some Megadeth in the PA ( Lars prefer to stay out of it ), they went back to their dressing room. Several other bands followed : Gabriella Cilmi, Sahara Hotnights ( an all girl band ) with Sting's son Joe Sumner , Joseph D' Anvers.
Metallica came back to play 2 songs "Cyanide" & " Enter sandman ". That was it.
Only 3 songs but that was mind blowing.
We went straight to the backstage area , Rob said hello and signed a few cds to a few fans and then they all left ( we didn't see the others ) by a small door to avoid people to get their plane in ...Reims as Le Bourget was closed.
As you wake up this morning they should take their breakfast in Denmark.

Sorry no live pictures from Taratata as our photographer PATRICE GUINO left his camera in the clockroom of the dressing rooms and couldn't get it back in time .
He was shattered , poor boy ;-(((

Remember that The Melvins are playing the Elysée Montmartre on the 11th !

the rehearsals sheet

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Tv show part 2
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