dimanche 14 septembre 2008

BABYSHAMBLES @ Fete de l' Humanité Sept 13th 2008 Paris

UPDATED Sept 14th with new video " FUCK FOREVER" :
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The show hasn't started yet that all the girls in the front rows are screaming their lungs out damaging our poor ears.
Lots of people in the VIP area to have a look at Pete Doherty's band : The Babyshambles .
They started smoothly and seem to be very relax tonight, maybe a bit too much. There's a kind of " nonchalance " or maybe is it the huge stage that gives me this feeling; The Babyshambles are fully appreciated in a hot & sweaty club ( or theatre ).
From the latest report i had it was complete chaos down the front ( i guess nothing could match what happened when the Stooges played here last year ) .
I'm a bit disappointed even though the show is good.
Maybe i was expecting something more 'rock ', don't get me wrong it was good but ...

Setlist: ( not sure if it's the right order so TBC... )
La Belle et la Bête
Carry On Up The Morning
Beg Steal or Borrow
Baddies Boogie
Back From The Dead
The Blinding
I Wish
Fuck Forever

No encore and we walked them to their dressing rooms , so that was really cool .
video is here :
setlist to come shortly
Thanks to Patrice Guino for his beautiful live pictures and for getting us onstage to see the show ( with his friend Mathilde ).

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Plus video : Pipedown