mercredi 24 septembre 2008

Divine Comedy @ Cité de la Musique Paris Sept 23rd 2008


Waaaooooohhhhhh !!!
Second show for Divine Comedy @ Cité de la Musique in Paris.

As i'm a lazy sod, just read the review from the first show and replace the sentence "Some of the french songs were clearly not rehearsed perfectly " with " This time the french songs were almost perfect " . LoL
He still messed up the lyrics to the Georges Brassens' song " les copains d' abord" but i think he did it on purpose for a laugh.
Yesterday's show was very good but tonight it's a "sans faute" .
Complete setlist below with " something for the weekend " added as a last encore otherwise same setlist with same guests : Vincent Delerm for 2 songs and Daphné for 2 songs including a somptuous " Initials BB feat sexy Boy "

AWRIGHT Neil with a show like this ( with the french songs ), you can tour the world.

Vincent Delerm came back for a few seconds during "Joe le taxi" playing the little girl ( Vanessa was 14 when she recorded the song ).

Patrice Guino did an effort to get even better pictures than yesterday, nice.

Here with Daphné

We met Neil after the show , he was very nice and chatty.

I asked him how he picked the songs here's a few things :

"les copains d'abord " ( Georges Brassens ) suggested by his french teacher because everyone knew it in france.
" je changerai d'avis" ( francoise Hardy ) He heard it at Café rouge @ Heathrow Airport and then used it as a walk on song for his concert .
" Joe le taxi" ( Vanessa Paradis ) it's a joke.
" L' amour est bleu" : he did a program for BBC2 and had to watch all eurovision song contests ( lucky you ;-)) and he liked the song.
"Amsterdam" ( Jacques Brel ) He had to do a song by this artist.
He wanted to do a cover of Edith Piaf but he realised it was to hard to sing so he gave up .

" Amsterdam " by Jacques Brel :