Saturday, September 6, 2008

Keziah Jones "Beaubourg Center" Paris Sept 05 2008

Keziah Jones is very, very busy man this week with his 4 concerts in the parisian tube ( he's playing one tomorrow afternoon in a secret location ) plus the press and radios to promote his new cd .
This evening he's playing @ Beaubourg ( or Centre George Pompidou ) well , that's what 's been advertised , many people expected a real concert , in fact he's just playing 3 songs plus interview for radio France Culture .
After enduring an hour of political talks about the so called contracts for the next 20 years between Italy and Libya.
Keziah Jones is finally showing up his hat and his guitar for a ( very ) short set of 3 songs live on air sandwiched between interviews, plus one extra for the crowd his hit song " rythm is love ".
Enjoyable evening . even tough it was short.

Both sides ...

Video from his performance for France Culture :

More here :

Now i've got to rush to the Flèche d' Or to see The Rascals.