Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thos Henley @ Oliver Peel Session # 7 Paris June 14th 2009

Thos Henley @ Oliver Peel session # 7
Paris June 14th 2009

Young English folk singer from Winchester Thos Henley came, on this hot sunday afternoon, with his all female Swedish fan club.
Now we know how to get more girls in the audience for the private Oliver Peel session , Oliver has to invite a young male singer instead of all the female folk singers we had before.
With this Swedish contingent , this Oliver Peel session # 7 is the most popular he ever had , the place is packed and it's hot & sweaty.
Thankfully, our host , Cécile is providing Rosé to cool us down.
Strange to attend such an intimate gig , just two days after seeing the biggest rock'n roll band on earth ( AC/DC ) in front of 76 000 people at the Stade de France.

What's your name babe ?

Usually Thos is also playing the ukulele , not this afternoon , we had a 40 min+ set on acoustic guitar. This young fellow is charming with his angelic voice and his compositions are quite mature for his young age.
Listen to his myspace page to hear what he's capable of and watch our video below.
Not everybody could fit in

The beautiful people & Stéphane ready to cut the cake