samedi 27 juin 2009

Simone White & Jeanne @ Oliver Peel session # 9 June 27th 2009

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Simone White
& Jeanne Madic @ Oliver Peel session # 9
Somewhere in Paris june 27th 2009


Only 2 days after the last Oliver Peel session with Milk & Fruit Juice and Tada Tata, we all gathered to attend Jeanne and Simone White 's performances for the Oliver Peel session # 9.
First to play is Jeanne , she did several instrumental "tracks" on accordion then one with her emotional frail high voice. Note that her accordion sounds nothing like a normal accordion, just image you're alone in the country side lost in a blanket of fog and you'll get the idea of what it sounds like.
Complete setlist ( and PICS ) On Oliver Peel 's blog.

Simone White

Then Simone White took the stage , I've been to many Oliver Peel sessions with many folk artists most of'em were good but this time, I have to say that Simone 's songs and quality vocals are first league. Alela Diane should worry.
There's a maturity in her compositions and her voice is subtle.
We were lucky to be treated with quite a long set, playing songs from her records , she has a second album out shortly.
Check her Myspace to hear her songs , I've discover a gold nugget tonight.
We should hear about her very soon, Rolling stone Germany has nothing but praise for her cd.

Simone & Jeanne + The beautiful people

" The Beep Beep Song" on video (click on link )

I have never seen that publicity before watch this and hear this , it's Simone White's song.