Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Carl Barat @ L'Album de la Semaine, Paris Nov 3 2010

Carl Barat " Concert Privé" for Canal+
Paris Nov 3 2010

First "real" show for Carl Barat as a solo artist in Paris before his sold-out show@ Cigale for the Inrocks festival.
He already played last month a song @ Le Grand Journal for Canal+.

Many musicians on stage for this gig on drums, upright bass, guitar, keys, 2 horns, 1 cello, 4 violins (2 of them also on backing vocals) and carl's wife on backing vocals.
13 people in all on the stage.
Carl started with his latest single which is the more lively song on the record.
All the other songs are more "cabaret" or very slow songs with violin.
There were good parts and less interesting parts ( the slower songs)
Rock is no more Now for Carl which is not a bad thing as I've never liked The Dirty Pretty Things.
It's funny how Carl is following the same path for a solo artist as Peter Doherty with a record with lots of musicians and classical arrangements... for good
We prefered the more up-tempo songs , nice ending with an acoustic version (with his brother on guitar solo) of The Libertines' "France".

Not sure if a rock festival @ La Cigale is the perfect place to see such a gig, the Salle Pleyel would be perfect.

We had a quick chat with him afterwards , Carl was nice to everyone.
setlist signed

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