Saturday, September 19, 2009

Carl Barat & Adam Green @ Centre Pompidou Paris Sept 18th 2009

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Carl Barat
& Adam Green @ Centre Pompidou
Paris sept 18th 2009

"Stage of the Art" is moving for this gig from the Palais de Tokyo to the Centre Pompidou.
The auditorium is like a movie theatre with confortable sofa holding around 350 people.
Lots of girls ( 90 % )

First is Adam Green on stage with full band and rocking ( video HERE ) for a couple of songs , then he's on his own on the acoustic guitar for a few others.

Adam Green introduced Carl Barat and they did a duet , then Carl is on his own for a few songs, we were lucky to hear 3 new ones ( see setlist for details ) then Adam joined in for another duet.

Adam Green is back on his own for a few songs and is joined by Carl Barat for a couple of songs including last one of the show a cover of " Kokomo" by the Beach Boys as it seemed improvised Carl went to the drums as he didn't know the lyrics to this song.

Sorry no setlist for Adam Green as he probably didn't have any as he asked the audience which songs they wanted to hear.

Adam was really intoxicated throughout the gig, fooling around as usual but this time a bit more , he tried to stick a couple together from the audience with a roll of gaffer tape, then did the same with microphones and his guitar to finally break it à la Pete Townshend ( video HERE )
He even tried to interrupt Carl singing ( video here )
It gave a little bit of animation.
But nothing seemed really rehearsed , it was a bit of a mess.
Carl even had numerous problems with his guitars

Overall good and funny show but it could have been better.

Aftershow party at the Cha Cha club nearby.

Part of the Setlist ( Carl )