Thursday, November 25, 2010

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD) + Mirrors @ Casino de Paris Nov 25 2010

Updated Nov 27 with top quality videos from StéphaneD (click on links to watch)
"Enola gay", "Tesla Girls", "Locomotion", "Souvenir", "Electricity"

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
+ Mirrors
@ Casino de Paris, Nov 25 2010


You're probably wondering what the Hell was I doing here, isn't not really Rock, Is it ?
Well I thought It might be funny to attend such a gig , theses guys are legend in their own field: Electronic Music from the 80's.

First we have the quartet Mirrors, all standing up on the same line, 3 keyboards and a drum kit, funny to see them playing with 2 fingers on their keys.
see video HERE & HERE
The music is horrible but it was funny to see ( as they remember me of a French comedy act -Les Inconnus- who was laughing at all those bands in a very funny comedy show) and better than expected.

Then we have 80's legend: O.M.D.
Very nice stage set up with great lightning, the sound is neat: loud and clear.
No guitars ( I miss them), a real drummer , two keyboards and a singer/bass player.
See setlist for details as I only knew 2 songs: "Souvenir" (here on video) & "Enola gay", both of these songs were HUGE hits in France when I was a kid.
Even if I hate that kind of music, it was enjoyable and always interesting to see one of the bands that started it all.
They're part of the music history.

Won't tell you that I enjoyed all the songs but the singer's is giving it all, walking the stage from side to side, shaking hands... and dancing like only they did in the 80's , a bit of a caricature (see video of "So in Love") but he's doing the show.

Much more enjoyable than I thought it would be.
It was their last show on the tour so lots of English down the front.
Funny when the singer told the audience that they won't wait another 15 ( or was it 18 ) years to come back and that the tickets won't be 70 euros.
That was his personal message to the promoter who was there watching, you can guess it was... Gérard Drouot. LOL
At least a band found out that he's charging too much for a ticket.


"Souvenir " & "Joan of Arc":

Great set !