Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Suzanne Vega + Mame @ Théatre Marigny, Paris Nov 4 2010

Suzanne Vega + Mame " Close -Up Tour"
@ Théatre Marigny, Paris Nov 4 2010

Close-up Tour"


Paris is a mess The Chinese President is in town so they've closed down some tube stations on the Champs Elysées, cops are everywhere, too bad The beautiful Théatre Marigny is in the middle of all this mess, we're lucky the weather is warm even though we're in november, a good walk won't do us any harm.

This old Théatre is beautiful ... and packed for Suzanne Vega.
She has just released a reworking of her classics called "Close-up", this is the Volume 2 "People & Places" ( Vol 1 was "Love Songs"). There will be other volumes for the next few months.
Nice to rediscover her classics with just an acoustic guitar , a bass and a few effects as the production of her early records are bit daté.
First we have an African guy from Senegal on acoustic guitar Mame, well not really our cup of tea, it was ok a bit of a quiet Keziah Jones but much more african.

Then we have Suzanne Vega with on electric guitar and loops & effects Gerry Leonard who has played the last World Tours with David Bowie.
As you can see on the pictures the stage couldn't be more simple, in case you haven't noticed this is NOT a KISS show but who cares when tou have the songs.
Don't need no pyro, just an acoustic guitar and the job is done... perfectly.
We have a "Best of..." (see setlist for details) ans as we're in Paris we're treated with a very nice cover of Serge Gainsbourg (& Brigitte Bardot) "Bonnie & Clyde", here on video.
She will also play a song by Sparklehorse ( That's on the new cd) as a tribute to Mark Linkous who commited suicide a few months ago.

She told us the Genèse of a couple of songs, with some funny bits. She also mentionned a show she did a few months ago in Paris , Did we miss something here or what? Can't fucking believe that we didn't know about it.
Anyway, Gerry is doing a great job on electric guitar , loops & effects.
She has some great songs so the arrangements are kept to a minimum and it's working perfectly.
Same with Divine Comedy , well... Neil Hannon (click for review of his show @ Salle Pleyel), with great songs you don't need a full orchestra, just a guitar or a piano and you can have a very good time
That's what we had tonight.
Another great show by Suzanne and you know we love her very mush here @ ROCKERPARIS.
As usual just after the show she came to the merchandise table to sign cds...
Gerry Leonard on guitar
setlist & After Show meeting

"Bonnie & Clyde" By Serge Gainsbourg

Thanks to Pias !

Suzanne Vega played @ French TV show ONE SHOT NOT yesterday on Nov 3
Watch her playing HERE