Monday, November 8, 2010

Madjo @ L'Album de la Semaine for Canal+ , Paris Nov 8 2010

Madjo @ L'Album de la Semaine, Canal+
Paris Nov 8 2010

French female singer Madjo is promoting her first album "Trapdoor". (click to listen to)
She will be playing The Maroquinerie club on Nov 16.
She's on acoustic guitar ( and electric for a couple of songs) with a beatboxer-percussionist, a girl on lead-backing vocals and a guy on bass and lead-backing vocals & handclappings.
Soulfull voice, singing mostly in English (we like it ) and a couple of songs in French ( we don't like it) Music between folk ballads & blues-soul, a kind of soft Moriarty.
Interesting but the songs should be more up-tempo, a bit too slow for me
They ended the set with a nice rendition of LeadBelly's " Where did you sleep last night" (also covered and popularized by Nirvana ) which sums up perfectly the kind of music they're playing.

Shop display with The Kills on Rue du Fbg St Honoré in Paris / Billboard @ Opéra de Paris