Friday, August 29, 2008

ROCK EN SEINE 1 : REM, Dirty Pretty Things,Kaiser Chiefs , Serj Tankian

Review and videos below:

Serj Tankian
Back from the Rock en Seine near Paris , the weather's perfect : cloudy and not to hot. We arrive in this beautiful parc quite late , not too many bands that i dig this year.
We're getting close to the main stage to see Serj Takian , the leader from System of a Down, easy to get down the front as he's far from attracting people not their cup of tea. it's sad because his pop-heavy metal is quite interesting and he has a sense of humour covering ABBA .
Live video here :
We're leaving before the end to go to the secong stage for Dirty Pretty Things.

Dirty Pretty Things
They have a new cd to promote and Carl's band is very popular in france. Things are getting serious here and it's very crowdy. Lots of young girls praying the Libertines down here. Of course Patrice Guino, our photographer, with all his contacts could manage to get on the stage for their performance ( hope you like the pictures and see his exclusive live recordings here or on our Youtube account , link below ). Well i saw them many times live and i'm not a fan , their rock on stage but they're missing some really good tunes. they're not very tight but they're giving it all on a stage. Enjoyable anyway but it could be better.
Live videos here :

Kaiser Chiefs
Kaiser Chiefs is already playing as we're getting back to the main stage, twice more people here than for Serj Takian. Hard to find our way down the front as it's impossible to move. They play all their hits plus a few new numbers, the new cd should be good. The singer knows how to treat an audience.They're tight and their songs are fantastic .
Absolutely Great set. This band is getting better and better and they fuckin' deserve it.
Next is Tricky on the second stage, we had a quick look but as we're not fans we prefer to have a walk instead and go to the main stage for REM.

Last time i saw them a few months ago was at Canal+ for a tv show in front of 200 people. They did a great set for 90 min ( longer than the gig they played the day after at the RAH in London ). I've always found them a bit boring apart from a couple of songs, not rock enough for me until their last cd which really rocks.
For this tour they are back to the basics, They ROCK and that's what we like. Michael is still funny to watch. REM alternates some rock tunes with pop songs ( they're biggest hits ). Like Kaiser Chiefs they're getting better and better .
The highlight of the Festival so far.
See our video of Michael Stipe shakings hands with the audience on Youtube for " losing my religion"( link below ).
Live video here :
Setlist REM:
Bad Day
Living Well Is The Best Revenge
What's The Frequency, Kenneth?
Man-Sized Wreath
The Great Beyond
Hollow Man
Imitation Of Life
I’m Gonna DJ
The One I Love
Fall On Me
Let Me In
Horse To Water
Orange Crush
It's The End Of The World As We Know It
Supernatural Superserious
Losing My Religion
Man On The Moon

Exclusive live recording ON the stage by Patrice Guino ( you did it mate ! )
The Dirty Pretty Things live @ Rock en Seine :

More videos from the Rock en Seine here :