Thursday, August 28, 2008

George Clinton @ Bataclan August 27 th 2008

Nice dress george / smile for me

Smoking a joint

The summer of 2008 is Funky : after Tony Cook's Trunk- o-Funk and Martha High in June , Bootsy Collins ' Tribute to James Brown featuring Danny Ray , Vicki Anderson & Martha High in july now it's time for George Clinton to play the Hot & Sweaty Bataclan in late August. ( check our reviews of all these concerts on this site ).
Just in time from Canal+ after seeing The Last Shadow Puppets, we get into the Bataclan as the support band leaves the stage. we say hello to a couple of friends and try to get a seat upstairs ( we're getting old ) at the balcony 'cause it's gonna be a long & sweaty night . As always at the Bataclan no AC , the show hasn't started yet that we're sweating like pigs.
Around 9 pm musicians are getting on the stage , many musicians : one drummer , one bassplayer , 2 keyboards , 4 guitar players , 4 backing vocalists , 2 brass ,3-4 MC-Dancers-singers whatever ... and several of them are dressed in typical 70's LSD way ( see picture below ).
Funkadelic's in da house tonight , we are treated to a mix of Funk & some rock with heavy guitars of course the band is playing a good hour before George Clinton finds his way to the stage to rousing applause. He's more a "character" than a real singer. Hard to tell you which songs they've played it's more a long jam with songs played one after another for 3 hours. Looks like a bit of a mess as musicians and singers are coming in and out all along the show ( i try to count them all but i gave up after 20 ), but the band is tight .
George is nearly 70 but he's doing the show : singing , dancing and... smoking some weed that he took from a fan in the audience ( see our picture above ).
Great night but it's so damn hot at the Bataclan.
Thanks again to Patrice Guino who took the pictures in the pit down the front, i' m sure he would have prefered to relax upstairs with us...

Black Cyrano
Setlist :
Bop gun
Gamin' on ya
Undisco kidd / you do me (Belita Woods)
Cosmic Slop
Atomic dog
P.funk (wants to get funked up)
I got a thang
I betcha
"I'll be gettin' down with it" / stuff and thangs
Maggot Brain
Garry's one nation intro
One nation under a groove
Knee deep
Give up the funk
Up for the down stroke
Bounce to this