samedi 30 août 2008

ROCK EN SEINE 2 : The Raconteurs, Kate Nash , The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Scars on Broadway, Jamie Lidell , Brooklyn & Amy Winehouse ... NOT

Once again i'm late today, i'm on the site and Jamie Lidell is already playing, considering what he's playing i though that he would play with a funk band instead he's playing on his computer some electronic shit and " singing some 'OOh' and 'aaahh' and ' Iiiih' à la Michael jackson .
Complete crap

Jamie Lidell
So we go to the main stage to catch the performance of Scars on Broadway with former System of a Down musicians.As the festival is running late i don't miss anything. Nice introduction as the first world he is saying is "Motherfucker".
They're a light version of System of a Down. Good but after 45 min that's enough and i don't want to miss ...

Scars on Broadway

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion , well the name says it all it's a BLUES EXPLOSION. Jon Spencer is a real showman, the music is kicking ass . And it's chaos in the pit.
Great set

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Small detour to the third stage to see French band Brooklyn , they sound OK but Kate Nash is about to start her gig on the second stage :

I've heard a lot about Kate Nash but it's the first time i see her live, her music is not really my cup of tea even if the single is quit funny. She seems a bit tired, she probably has a cold , her roadie is bringing her a inhaler. Nice set but nothing special.
Once again our photographer Patrice Guino manage to go on stage.
Live video here :
I have to leave before the end to see the Raconteurs on the main stage , they already played the Rock en seine and they were terrific.

Kate Nash on piano (left) and levitating to her music ( right)

Kate Nash on Guitars
Everybody seems to be here, it's really crowdy or maybe is everyone turning up soon to secure a good "seat" for Amy Whinehouse.
No need to waste some time , paper , saliva what-the-fuck-you-want.
They're blues country rock is kicking ass. The wildness of Jack White and the coolness of Brendan Benson works perfectly on stage. It's so sad that they can't match it on record.
The Raconteurs is a band to see LIVE , just forget about the cd on which they're so disappointing.
Jack is dedicating a song to Amy Winehouse " who can't be here tonight " of course we take it as a joke. Nobody knows for the moment that Amy won't play.
The encore (3 songs) is smashing .
Best performance of the whole Festival.

Brandon Benson & Jack white

The Raconteurs ... action !

Goodbye Miss Flower
Setlist : ( courtesy of )
consolers of the lonely
hold up
you don't understand me
top yourself
old enough
Keep It Clean (Charley Jordan Cover)
steady as she goes
rich kids blues
Many shades of black
the swith and the spur
salute your solution
broken boy soldier
carolina drama

It's 9:30 PM and Salomon the promoter is making an announcement :
" We're very sorry but Amy Winehouse can't perform tonight just go to the festival website for some compensation" No explanations given
That BITCH she did it once again, last year she cancelled her show a week before.
Can someone slap that Bitch !!!

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion :

Check also Kate Nash live here :