Friday, April 30, 2010

Editors @ Olympia, Paris April 29th 2010

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@ Olympia , Paris April 29th 2010
+ I Like Trains + Airship

The sun is shining over Paris, probably the hottest day of the year, difficult to go out tonight and being locked in a room full of people.
Many bands are playing tonight in Paris: She & Him with the lovely Zoey @ Alhambra, Eagle Seagull @ Fleche d' Or (click for Review setlist & Pics from this show + scroll down for review and video from their Black session a few days ago), the fake Marina & the Diamonds @ Divan du Monde & Editors @ Olympia.

We chose the latter as our photographer Patrice Guino just live 20 min from the Olympia Théatre.
Sorry we were there too late to see both opening bands Airship & I Like Trains ( in fact we just catch the last tr... song ).
The backdrop looks nice with several screens unfortunately they have a new light engineer and the singer had no lights on him for the whole set. On the previous tours ALL the lights were on him.

You all know now that on ROCKERPARIS we like when it rocks and the new Editors' album is far from rocking with no guitars and lots of 80's Keyboards and electronic shit.
So we have mixed emotions, we don't like the new songs even LIVE but the others sound very cool.
The good point is that the singer isn't doing as much as before on stage , he was about to turn into the new Coldplay singer.
The bad point is that songs are played one after another with no communication at all with the audience. Looks like these guys are working in a factory: do the job and then Fuck Off at home.
They didn't even answer to the first rows who were singing a " Happy Birthday" to one of the member of the band.
There was a good atmosphere downstairs in the pit but upstairs at the balcony it was dead ( but for one song ).


I've seen them a few times in Paris and this show was pretty average compare to the other ones.
They may selling out venues in Holland or Belgium playing in front of 8000 people but tonight it was far from being full upstairs with lots of empy seats.

Superstar Anouche

Here's the last song of the show:

Other videos from the show available HERE & HERE ( YouTube Channels)