Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Robert Francis @ Virgin Champs Elysées, Paris April 28th 2010 3:00PM

Robert Francis @ Virgin Megastore Champs Elysées
Paris, April 28th 2010 3:00PM

After seeing John Butler Trio (review below) for a short 30 min set and a signing session , it is time for new sensation Robert Francis to play @ Virgin Megastore.

This guy is coming out of nowhere and suddenly his single is played in heavy rotation on all French radios. He can be thankfull to his record Cie for that.
Maybe it cost him his left arm or part of his royalties on the song ( yeah i know it is a taugh bizz).

I had my doubt before hearing him play, his single " Junebug" is getting on my nerves,
It is impossible NOT to hear it when you listen to the radio.
I was quite surprised as he's playing Typical Americana, That is the kind of " Classic rock" that I like.
He's much better on rockier songs than on cooler songs but when he's playing soli on his Les Paul guitar he fucking ROCKS.
Very good 30min+ set ( 7-8 songs)
Once again the show took place in a very relax & cool atmosphere.
He was chatty and took Pics with his fans after the show, 90% of them female teenagers
Not sure if the setlist below is the right one

setlist (?)

Too bad I can't make it @ Zénith, I'm already booked tonight to see Drive-By Truckers @ L' Album de la Semaine.(review tonight)