Monday, November 24, 2008

Marianne Faithfull @ Fnac Montparnasse Paris Nov 24th 2008

Late afternoon Marianne Faithfull is at the Montparnasse Fnac store to talk about her brand new cd " easy come , easy go ".
She's really relax and in the mood to talk, members from the audience asked a few questions and then she signed a few records.
Not that many people , around 100, so everything went smoothly.
Nice hour with this 60's icon.

Then we went to the Olympia for the first of 3 shows of Leonard Cohen in Paris.
160 euros for a ticket , no fucking way.

Leonard Cohen @ Olympia Paris

Here's an article from the BBC on my mate Ray Morrissey from London who has been to more thant 5000 gigs since 1973 and still rocking.
Check his site for the latest from London , check his database with all the gigs he went to starting 1973 with Queen opening for Mott the Hoople .